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Found 9 results

  1. Hi there! Just finished my latest project which I like to call The 40 Crate Of Grey. It's an amt/ertl 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery with a few modifications: All handles, bumpers and the the hood's center trim were removed and everything else that's usually chrome was painted black. Headlights came from a Revell '37 Ford and the engine was robbed off a Boy Coddington Mustang. Taillights and gas cap are parts box finds and the 3d printed wheels were found on eBay. Slammed to the max and painted home mixed grey. Thanks for looking. I hope you like it. Comments are always welcomed and appreciated!
  2. When I first seen this kit when it was re-released recently, my thought's straight away were what a great candidate for a ute conversion. So sourced a couple kits from Model Round Up, then thought about it for a week as to how to approach things and how I was going to build it. First things first pick some wheels. After deciding the wheel's, they were fitted to some new 2mm brass axles. Then the ride height was roughed in. Still need to tweak the front and level things out a bit. Just how I like them, Low! Worked out how I was going to cut and re work the roof.
  3. Due to some health problems I had very limited bench time in the past few months, so I chose an easy kit with just around 30 parts for my latest project: Hasegawa´s disappointing 1966 Cadillac Coupe De Ville. I slammed the simple chassis to the max and used a set of Hoppin Hydros wheels from wich I cut some material from the back and glued it to the front of the rim to give them some deeper dishes. Also cut the hood from the body, used some parts box underhood details and crammed a Clearly scale GM LS9 V12 engine in there: And just because I didn't like the generic dashboard and the poor instrument decal, I thought a full width digital display would be nice: That's it from my Caddy, hope you like it. As always, comments are welcome. Greetings from Cologne, Germany
  4. This is a mockup while I smooth out the seams on my 1/16 Karmann Ghia project. There were flat spots in the body casting in the nose, right above the point where the lower apron glues in place, so I'm taking extra time in an effort to build up the proper contour. If it doesn't start coming together soon, it's going to get primer, rust, peeling paint and I'll pass the front end off as old body damage. Engine will be finished off with scratch-built manifolds and linkage for 3D printed Weber IDA's I purchased from Shapeways. I'm also contemplating a more traditional hot rod/low rider wheel and tire combo for the planned super-low ride height. We'll see how it goes, eh?
  5. Looking to build a 70 for a friend for Christmas. He has wanted a 1:1 for years and i believe he has stated before that it would be burnt orange on 35s with a small lift. So i am looking for some ideas to get me an idea. I wanna see what yall have built. 2wd 4wd lifted or slammed lets see what ya got. Also i have a 75 2wd f250 1:1 that i am replicating what i want it to be so lets see some of those built up too. I have asked him for input but havent had him send me any real ideas yet. Thanks Y'all.
  6. Hello from California. I'm new to this site and it looks like you've got a lot of good things going on in this part of the interweb. I figure the best way to show what I'm into is to post a picture so I hope this works. Here's an under-construction 99' Chevy Silverado that I started years ago and put away.
  7. I'm trying to visual how those rims would look on my Honda haha. I did a rough mock up of the stock rims I got now. Of course the suspension components aren't together yet. I just want to know if I'm going to have to do some mods to the fenders to accomadate the wheels and tires? Thanks!
  8. Hey everybody. This is my first true project since I've gotten back into building afer about 5 or 6 years from taking a break. I am building a Ford F-250 Super Duty pickup truck that will be fully custom inside and out. I don't have any progress on it yet. I just got it earlier today and just opened it up. I am about to cut the doors open and get started on some of the easier things I can do first. Here are some of my plans for it. I know it is allot, but I want a big challenge. Without the challenge, I would get bored and quit. Fully custom frame with bags and 4 link. Convertible Hard-Top roof. Fully custom interior. Raised bed floor (Not sure about stock or smooth styrene.) Body dropped. Flat black with red accents here and there. Stock rims (unless I find something better). Openable "zig-zag" style doors. Openable reversed hood with 2" cowl. Not sure on engine yet (don't want to use the supplied I6). Shaved tail lights. Tubbed front inner fenders. Possible custom grille. License plate relocated to back window in custom frame. Possible sound system (most likely). Highly detailed all over. Feel free to give suggestions/tips and post pics of what you have done.
  9. Used the new kit, dropped the front even more by raising the front spring mount with the drop axle. The rear was done the same...axle now is almost on the rails, A notch would be done in 1:1 for a little more comfort....The Side pods were blended and filled, almost done, Think that Ardun is going to have to be stuffed in.....looks like a bunch of mold lines will need to go away before the chassis and suspensions get paint and details
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