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Found 12 results

  1. The 1/25 MPC '33 WIllys Panel Van is being reissued in 2020: MPC-924 1/25 1933 Willys Panel Paddy Wagon This kit:
  2. Out soon, the AMT-1226 '58 Plymouth "Street Fury" snap-together, curbside/slammer (no interior, one-piece chassis/suspension) kit: https://round2corp.com/product/amt-street-fury-1958-plymouth-slammers-snap-125-scale-model-kit/ • GREAT KIT FOR NEW MODELERS: AMT’s 1/25 scale Street Fury 1958 Plymouth makes for a great project, and with a pictorial assembly guide, it’s easy enough even for inexperienced builders. Start collecting and building today! • FEATURE PACKED: The Street Fury 1958 Plymouth snap kit features fast & easy assembly, metal axles and chrome rims. Kit also includes ALL-NEW decals. • QUICK SPECS: 1/25 Scale. 21 Parts. Built size: 8 x 3 inches. Parts molded in neon green and black with black vinyl tires. Some parts chrome plated. Skill Level 1. For ages 8+ PAINT AND GLUE REQUIRED. I'm assuming the AMT 1227 "Street Heat" '98 Chrysler Concorde will be molded in neon yellow?:
  3. Revell Mustang snap kits I have been surprised that the only version of the newest Mustang that Revell has offered is a snap kit. I have at least 5 models, by Revell of the last two Mustang body styles and they are all full detail models. I understand the fact that they are attempting to reach the younger modeler, but with full detail models of the Camaro’s, it seems odd that the new Mustang has been relegated to “snap status”. Having said that, here are two versions of the snap kit that I have completed. Version 1 is relatively stock. I added outside rearview mirrors and wheels from the Lamborghini . I lowered it down to the ground and gave it a two tone gold paint scheme with a solid stripe rather than the usual double stripe. Version 2 is a little more adventurous in that I converted it into a GT3 race car. I followed the same design and used decals intended for the previous version Mustang GT3 as raced by the Marc VDS team made by Tailormadedecals of Germany. This body has extensive fender modifications similar to the way the other GT3 racecars look. I opened the doors which was rather difficult because the plastic on these snap kits is extra thick. The interior tub and roll cage came from the BMW GT3 kit (Spot Models who sell the kit, offer a number of the spru trees for sale separately) so it was easy to obtain…… also, they offer the spru pieces for the Tamiya AMG GT3 kit, so I picked up two extra sets of those wheels and tires, and used one set on this car. The rear wing, rearview mirrors and rear under deck diffuser came from one the Fujimi BMW GT3 Z4 kits (they are spares included in the kit) I added the fender louvers over the front wheels and added the exhaust vents on the hood…. In front to allow hot air out of the radiator, and the rear louvers to vent the hot engine compartment air. An extra set of road lights were added to the grille and I added the engine exhaust pipes just behind the front wheels. Car is painted in Tamiya Silver Leaf and top coated with Tamiya Semi-Gloss clear.
  4. Round2 is really digging deep into the Lesney era snap kit tooling inventory.
  5. Hello, Currently suffering from severe PHD (Project Hopping Desease).... The Revell snap C7 Corvette body was washed and dried. Shot the first coat of primer. Block sanded and started working the mold lines.The body looks good and straight so far.... No hesitation on color combo: Laguna blue with Kalahari interior..... Stay tuned... Best Regards,
  6. I was just wondering if it would build into a decent truck being a snap kit!
  7. Painted with Duplicolor paint & clear. Wheels/tires are Pegasus. Detailed interior, smoked headlights, lowered stance, BMF "5.0" emblems, flowing horse decals from Boss 429 kit, & painted tail lights. Fun kit to do until they issue the actual model kit(hopefully).
  8. Hello, After more than a year late, Revell has finally started releasing the C7 Corvette kits. The first one out is the SNAP version seen here. The box is the small one. Mine came in the mail a bit crushed but the content was OK. Less than 40 parts. The emblems are vinyl stickers, not decals. Keep in mind, this is a snapper oriented at "almost instant gratification" to kids and first time builders. Do not expect decals or anything that may seem "complicated" Body looks good. Again, don't forget this is a snapper so most details are molded in (grilles ,exhaust, etc.) As expected the one piece chassis has some engraved detail. The interior is fairly basic with adequate detail but there is no provision for instrument decals. Again, did I mention this is a snapper? Finally, the wheels look decent. Tires are nothing to write home about. But my biggest disappointment is the lack of brakes. I know, metal axle snapper so you don't want to see calipers rolling along, BUT..... In conclusion, it should be a fun exercise until we get the more detailed version with engine, brakes etc. Now, one in Laguna blue, one in Cyber Grey and the third in........ hmmmmmm let me get back to you on that..... Thanks,
  9. The Revell SNAP kit of the '63 Vette. A great kit! It might be a "snapper", but it's worth your time, I think. In retrospect, I should have used a wash on the wheels and applied foil to the emblem on the fender. Hey, live & learn!
  10. Here is a little something i've been working on recently, along with a couple others. This starts out as an unbuilt kenworth last July, and did it box stock, just changed the colors. it went from there to a stretched kw with custom bumpers front and rear, decided to change it again, and this is where it is at now. i don't think this will ever really be "done". The pete in a couple of the pics will post seperately.
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