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Found 19 results

  1. In the 1950s the Seashore Trolley Museum built a large trailer to cross the country to rescue surplus trolley cars for its collection. They called it the "Highway Monster". It was made of structural steel around a salvaged bogie and frame. I have been wondering for decades the source for the bogie. I'm presuming it dated to the 1940s, but I could never get an answer. This thing was difficult to photograph well, but I did manage to take measurements. Can you identify the make of the bogie? (Photos from 1992).
  2. I was inspired by Internet images of boats modified to match Chevy's 1959 Impala/el camino or wagons. I liked the idea and decided to make a digital 1/25th copy. This is where I am right now. There is still the windscreen and interior to do, and of course the trailer. Regards Walid
  3. I'm interested in building a 27' flatbed semi trailer in 1/25 scale to go behind a Ford C-900 COE tractor, since I don't have storage room for the longer trailer kits I see on the market. What kit would folks recommend I use and shorten: the AMT expandable? The Moebius 48' cambered? Any others? Are there posts folks remember where such a conversion has been done? I haven't found anything with my searches. Thanks in advance for your help!
  4. AMT 1201 - 1963 Chevy II Station Wagon with Trailer Previously disclosed by Steve Goldman here:
  5. https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=wu.89090514811&view=thumb&seq=9 Note there appears to be a little distortion in the last diagram. I'm presuming the bottom edge is supposed to be straight. (Google's book scans are often off-kilter in some manner).
  6. Not sure if I saw it posted on a forum, in Model Cars Magazine or the "other magazine", but there was a guide to building a car trailer from the sprue from the Lindberg Dodge 330 kits. Does anyone know where to find it? I already did the Google site search for MCM and the other magazine as outlined in the How do I search for answers already posted here thread, nothing. I'm going through my parts boxes as I try to get a little more organized. Ran across a box that had some sprue from the 330 kit and wanted to see if I had all the needed pieces for the trailer build. If I don't have all the pieces it goes in the trash. If someone can point me to the article and I have all the pieces I'll offer them to someone here as I'll never build a trailer from them. Thanks
  7. Here are my in-progress pics for the Lowboy trailer I am going to mate with one of the Freightliner cabovers I am building. I wanted to display 3 cars on it so changes had to be made. The upper deck and frame were lengthened. The axles also got decked over. I swapped rims with my doubles trailer as I wanted chrome ones to match the Freightliner. The wood deck came out pretty nice due to the effort of painting dark brown then tan and gently sanding until the woodgrain came through. The paint is Duplicolor automotive paint. I got the reflective tape from an ebay vendor. I had trouble with the center axle holding the tires off the ground so I built a jig to hold them in alignment when assembled. It turned out pretty nice.
  8. Started the Chrome Trailer. Instead of using cement to hold the sides together used clear Gorrilla Tape on the inside seams. Also wore latex gloves to prevent fingerprints. Building the full size version. Will be using the tape to hold the two tank sections together. Picture poorly shows tape location.
  9. Hi guys. I've bought this kit to try to build an "all open" custom van, with carpeted interiors, and a custom trailer based on the metal one I have, which is way too heavy: And here's the copy, just with a little more room for the wheels: And here are the fenders, I've glued two sheets of heavy paper, and sanded it. I wanna finish it like raw metal, without painting: With the twin wheels: Current state: I've found the right plastic rod, so I can hook up the ramps like they were supposed to be: Next step, external hinges like these ones, which will be sanded and replaced with working ones: And build a rail to let the door slide out, also because I'm installing the wide fenders kit: If you have any input or link for the sliding door, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm still undecided on what to put on the trailer, a ford car or two bikes:
  10. Preliminary box art for the upcoming 125 AMT Wilson Livestock Trailer reissue, kit number 1106: Is that tractor a tease of something to come, too?
  11. Preliminary box art for the upcoming 1/25 AMT Peerless "Roadrunner" Logging Trailer reissue, kit #1103: Oddly, the page for the previous 2009 reissue is still viewable, but the only change appears to be the new pale gold background color: http://round2corp.com/product/peerless-logging-trailer/
  12. I finally finished my 1965 Chevy Stepside, trailer and 1968 Mustang Drag. I got the trailer from a junk yard I got off ebay. Put some nice rims on the trailer and added the scratch buit tire rack on the front. Thank you for looking Original '68 Mustang Drag thread - Link Original '65 Chevy Stepside thread - Link
  13. Hey all, I just built this little camper from styrene sheets and some plywood and balsa. The sides are grooved siding sheet, and the curved top is .010" styrene over balsa spars. I used the trailer tongue, axle, and jack from the Revell midget racer trailer. Window frames are .080" styrene angle. Clear styrene windows have paper curtains printed from online. Propane bottle is the head from a Lego man. Parts box wheels (VW) and taillights. There's no interior detail (I'm lazy!). I plan to make a campground diorama to display this and two other teardrop models I made. This was a fun build, and I hope you like it! Under construction pic. Balsa spars.
  14. Hey all this is my first post as a new member. This is my first attempt at scratch building and I have not built any models in decades. I got a notion to build models of some of the trucks that I drove back in the 70's and to build models of others that I thought were too cool! I got into the scratch building because I was frustrated by the scarcity of certain kits, particularly the pup trailers. I became inspired by the scratch project of other members so I decided to give it a go. I didn't plan to build the Trailmobiles but I had an AMT US Mail rig to use as an example so I could gain experience before I get into building Pup Trailers from photos. I intend to build a variety of them including bullnose vans and wedge vans to imitate those of Consolidated Freightways and P.I.E.. Anyways, I'll post my progress. I'll start with 5 scratch Trailmobile Dry Vans. I am in the body assembly phase and am as far along as the photos show.
  15. Well,it's the first completion of the new year, nothing major, but it did present it's own little challenges. you wouldn't think it'd be that hard to glue a box together so anyway, here it is.... soon to be paired with this, as always, thanks for reading, tom
  16. Well here I have finely got this project done and its a late 1950's vehicle hauler. The cars,trucks and trailer are based on a real vehicles that I seen a picture of online. The models used are 56 ford that I converted to a coe and stretch the frame out to scale.The deck on the coe is scratch built and on the truck it has (2) 57 Ford sedan 4 doors .The trailer was also scratch built and has (4) 56 Ford trucks .
  17. Scratch built goose neck trailer I made. 1st time I ever tried anything like it. What do you think?
  18. My 56 Ford with trailer and demolition derby car. (1/25 scale)
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