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Found 18 results

  1. Hello everyone, after a long time I present you my latest kit from my 3D forge. The whole development took almost 2 years because I kept coming up with new things here and there. All the parts were then redesigned and so on. But here are a few pictures of the parts printed so far. I have to change some parts again and have them reprinted. I hope I can inspire some of you with them. PS: If you're wondering why there's an audio extension for the interior, it's because I want to recreate my Scirocco as I drove it for a long time and had a lot of fun.
  2. Here’s my build of Revell’s New Beetle! This kit is from the 2000 “Complete” glue issue that included paint (silver, gray, flat black), a brush and glue. After 20-odd years the glue was no good, but the paint was surprisingly ok. The kit was molded in blue and black, I guess with the idea that you’d leave the body in bare plastic and paint the details. The body had a lot of scratches and mold seams so I definitely couldn’t leave it bare. I painted the body in Krylon “True Blue” with a coat of Pledge floor Gloss, and the gray part of the interior is Tamiya primer. I left the black suspension, interior and trim parts in the bare black plastic. Swiss license plates came from my decal stash, I believe from the Italieri G-Wagen. It’s a simple curbside kit for sure but it builds up to a decently detailed model! The kit fits together perfectly and no warping issues. This is a great slump-busting kit, and would be perfect for a kid’s first glue and paint build.
  3. The only VW type 1 I could find during the Pandemic. Sectioned, chopped top, widened fenders, dechromed. Still can’t get scribe lines right, but working on it. Also have trouble losing patience near the end.
  4. Started as a Christmas gift this season. Tried some new techniques and different paints. Attempted to watch quality control. Tried to complete the model as quickly as reasonable -3.5 weeks is a record for me. this a great kit with excellent fits. And was on sale at HL so the wife liked that part 😄
  5. Hey all, I was pretty surprised when my girlfriend was interested in my niche hobby, but even more surprised when she did a frankly amazing job at completing a VW Transporter body. Here’s what it looks like now, I’ll be sure to show more pictures when it’s finished! She’s pretty good at painting, and did a way better job at the two-tone than I could do. She’s already starting on a BMW Isetta too, so I’ll be sure to show everyone that as well.
  6. Two months ago I posted an introduction, and today I finally started the first model I've attempted in over 20 years. I know this kind of car isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it's supposed to go together pretty easily and for whatever reason I've always liked little hatchbacks. My goal is to finish it by the end of January. I found a pretty detailed build log on YouTube for this kit and I'll be following along with most of that. After searching the stock color options for VW Rabbits I landed on this Bali Green example with a tan interior. The plan is to build it out of the box, no super detailing or anything. For my first car model I want to enjoy the build, and have fun with it. Tonight I did some body work. I sanded down the mold seams and removed some very minor flash. Then I sanded down the whole body to get it ready for primer. I also started with "step 1" and worked on painting some bits of the engine. I'll post updates as they come.
  7. Hi guys! Got finished my latest build.. Its Karmann Ghia by Gunze Sangyo.. Nice kit with little issues with fitting chassis to body, but nothing too bad.. Color is Tamiya Coral blue Cheers
  8. Well, thanks to the combo of not having a heater in my garage yet, and a typical Canadian winter, all of my current builds are on hold at the "needs paint" stage. So it's time to start a new project. Two actually. Building Revell's VW Rabbit and Revell of Germany's VW Golf Cabriolet. Definite similarities between the kits, in terms of details and parts. As you might guess. Both are going to be modified, but final details aren't worked out yet. I have a bunch of pieces from Jeremy at Clearly Scale which look fantastic. Not sure abotu colours yet, but my daughter says I need to paint one of them turquoise. I'll probably get my boy to pick the other colour. Not many pics yet, as I literally just started this last night.
  9. Hi all, fresh from my completion of the Subaru, I pulled out next in the line of models to get built. This one is going to be intended as a gift to someone who is a big fan of VW Campers, and I'm going to try shooting it with some slightly interesting paint (first time using an airbrush too). I'm aware for a second go it's very ambitious, but we all need to be challenged, right? I've opted for Zero paints ZP-4032 which is a green-purple flip. I think I'll keep the rest of the colour scheme in line with the box art/as revell intended mostly. I tried painting the whitewalls on the tyres as per the instructions, but that seems to be an express ticket to insanity. I might look into decals, but at the moment I'm quite happy how they look unpainted. Thanks for looking
  10. Decided to treat myself at Christmas and get a 1:24 model car, something to keep me busy and out of trouble. I didn't have any specific model in mind, so I nipped down to my local model shop and browsed the shelves. The MK1 VW Golf Cabriolet caught my eye and so the purchase was made. Having not done any models for a good few years I decided to just dive straight in do it the way I wanted to. I tend to learn better and quicker when I just have a go, rather than reading or watching videos. I started cutting bits out and mocking up the body. I knew I would want different wheels and lowered suspension, so I order a set of 15" banded steel wheels. When mocking the wheels on to the body it was apparent I had a slight issue with poke. The wheels came with wider rears, and to get them to fit the car nicely I would really need 2 pairs of fronts (narrower width), these along with a little trimming would fit the arches just right. So I ordered another set of the wheels. For the car colour I decided to go with a period correct red. I'm pretty pleased with the results for saying I haven't done it for a while, there are plenty of flaws with the job but I'm pleased. The wheels fit better now and look better with the matt black centres and gold bolts. Next I tackled the engine. I was thinking about getting a VW 16v turbo engine for it, but though I'd stick with the standard engine for this build. This is where I am up to in the build now, next up is the interior. Sorry for the quality of the images, will try and use my proper camera for the next lot of update images.
  11. Two quick out of box builds I did side by side. Thanks for looking!
  12. I'm working on two models but making separate discussions for them. I'm building a Meyers Manx but we are focusing on my revel beetle. Paint (spray cans): 3 coats of Tamiya white primer, 3 coats of Tamiya ts-34 camel yellow, and 3 coats of Tamiya Ts-13 clear. I did wet sand the body but a little to much on a few places like around a headlight but not to noticeable (I'm a beginner)
  13. My 1/12 1953 Volkswagen Canriolet by Sunstar It is a limited edition on 1500 worldwide. This car, has working everything . Not to mention it's awesome details. Working features include: opening doors, hood, and trunk working suspension working door handles working steering working Windows/cranks opening semaphores/ turn indicators removeable wheels and hubcaps posable windshield wipers and side view mirror removable tool case with removable tools tilting seat backs opening glovebox posable stick shift tilting visors removable tonneau cover working fabric convertible top
  14. My very first kit arrived today! I wasn't able to find this particular kit in stores near me so I purchased through eBay. While I waited, I researched 1:1 scale examples and tips/tricks from the web. Everyone on this forum has some outstanding projects and I hope to make it look half as good as some of yours! If you know of any good beginner resources please let me know! - Mike
  15. Overall i would call it done even if i`m not happy about finish here and there. This is the Tamiya 66 Beetle with the Tamiya Ferrari Testarossa drivetrain. I just wanted to try somthing completly ridiculous and i think it fit the category. At first it was going to be sleeper paint and dull everything but i think me looking to much on Cal lookers on google made me change it. Look wise it is stock beside little lowering,the Porsche wheels,and all red rear lamps. I think the body and the dash is the only thing that have not been modified or fondled with lol. Paint is sating black with red seats. I forgot number plates,pedals and oil reservoir cap. Also i should have drilled the exhaust pipes. Here are some pics. Hope you like and comments are always welcome.
  16. I know many have opinions on how a sleeper should be,but here is mine. Dull original beetle on the outside. Stuffed with some italian 390hp 500nm lump of aluminium. Some dull non-metallic grey or green would be lovely,and try make the exhaust not show to much.
  17. Someone on this forum mentioned that he would like to see more of my VW`s so here is one: I did this a while ago, Mr Model / Gunze Sangyo Karmann - Ghia. I did it in kinda sixties- custom / lowrider style I quess. Pegasus wheels and stock hubcaps, lowered to the max. I painted it with Tamiya lime green pearl over silver leaf base. Final layers were made with Tamiya clear. Rear glass and rear quarter vindows were cast as a same clear part with top. I didn´t want to go with clear top so I sprayed few mist coats of lime green pearl to top. Top is now supposed to look like tinted plexiglass custom top on a convertible. Oh, and those nice spun aluminium mirrors are from Mr. Modeller, Brazil. Thanks for looking these pics, comments are welcomed as always. Jarkko
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