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  1. customline


    Originally I am from Rhode Island where road salt takes a toll on your ride. I hated rusted out rocker panels. Things have changed and the manufacturers are much better about rust protection now. BUT I MISS IT! Rust is now, for me, nostalgic; below are my attempts at rusty rides. Please feel free to post your rusty rides here. I would love to see them. đź‘€. LET THE RUST REIGN! I actually drove a car like this back in the '70s...a future posting in WIP
  2. Supercars(.)net: The Baillon Collection at RĂ©tromobile Starting with the Ferrari California Spyder which must have bagged the most money at this auction, some unusual cars that were abandoned. I couldn't tell when this was published.
  3. Well I think I am calling this one done! (Except plates) It is my second build since I was a kid. Lots of scratch building as the kit was lacking this and that! I went for the "daily driver" look. I was building this kit while also working on my 54 Chevy sedan. I enjoyed this kit as I remember the real thing everywhere when I was younger. Hope you enjoy checking it out!
  4. I got started building weathered street rods years ago after reading an article titled "Beaters" by Pryor Passorino in Plastic Fanatic. Since then I've been learning techniques from the military guys and applying them to my hot rod efforts. My latest will be based on the venerable Monogram '36 tool that has been around since I was a kid. I'll be using the Revell 2 in 1 "Car Show " version. Getting the proper stance is no more difficult than substituting a length of evergreen channel for the stock front crossmember. The rear is already perfect. Floquil rust applied to the whitewalls provides a more realistic yellowed appearance. I used the salt and hairspray technique to accomplish the rust spots. I used Testors enamels and Pantene hairspray. The body is first airbrushed with Testors rust, followed by and application of hairspray and a dusting of salt in the desired areas. There are a million Youtubes demonstrating this technique. Next comes a layer of flat white followed by the color which is a 50:50 mix of green and blue metal flake. Finally the salted areas are sanded with 400 grit. I will follow all of this with a layer of Testers Dullcoat. I've decided to go hoodless and will install a blown flathead. More to follow.
  5. Here’s a 72 Cheyenne that I built several years ago, but recently had another go at it improving the details and weathering. I had a lot fun updating the build.
  6. Here is a Revell Peterbilt 359, I built as a 1982 Peterbilt 359-119 Farm Truck, still hard at work today. Backstory: The Ol’ Pete spent the first 10 years of its career as a long-haul owner-operator truck, but took up its second life as the primary truck on Hartic Farms’ roster in the early 90’s. Today, she’s been long relegated to secondary duties. However, she is mostly original, very reliable, and still the favorite of the original farmer’s son, who has dreams of resorting her to her former glory. She was the first truck he learned to drive as a kid, and that’s probably the reason she’s still around, now that he has taken over the family business. The engine is a Cat 3406A, non-Aftercooled, 350hp. - originally factory painted white, but re-painted Cat Yellow when it was rebuilt 25 years ago. You can see a bit of the original paint showing as the yellow has chipped and worn off. A remanufactured compressor was put on it a few years ago. The tires are a variety of Moebius, Moluminum, and Double Take Replicas Bridgestone and Michelin steer and drive tires – replaced only as needed to save some cash. They ride on Moebius steer rims, and Double Take Replicas 5- hole Drives & Hubs. When she needed her exhaust replaced, the son put on a set of straight pipes, hoping to boost the power a little, but it also looks and sounds cool. The truck recently got new Earl Miller air and electrical line susie coils, though she still needs a pogo stick or something better to hold them. The back wall of the sleeper was repaired, after a farm mishap many years ago, with steel diamond plate. The original grille was also fixed after a run-in with a piece of farm equipment using Plano Model Products oval photo etch sheet, after the original Revell grille was cut-out and removed. The headlights are from AMT. It sports a Double Take Replicas visor, and ModelTruckin’ stripes, along with miscellaneous kit and homemade decals. It’s still quite dirty from the fall harvest, where she pulled extra-duty subbing for the farms’ much newer primary truck that was in the shop - yet again. I hope you enjoy. Questions, comments, and critiques are welcome.
  7. Hello everyone, here is my fifth build for my “a day in 1979” series of models for a future diorama. It represents my uncle’s car as I remember it back in the 70’s. It was his daily driver and his only car for many years. I weathered it slightly to show some day to day use. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think. Thanks for looking!
  8. This is my version of the ATM White Freightliner. I wanted to make a very tired and weathered truck and liked the look of the dual drive day cab. I used the salt method with a base of brown under the green and then added some more weathering with acrylics. The cab was very fiddly to put together, but other than that, I found it went together well. I shortened the stacks a bit and add some air hoses. I'm pretty happy with it and felt I didn't rush it with my second model kit since I was a teenager (I always got frustrated with models when I was young). Thanks for looking!
  9. My first build in almost 30 years. This is an old issue Revell 54 Chevy gasser kit that was sitting on my shelf. It was missing quite a few parts like the front door panels, front and rear bumpers, front and rear suspensions, engine, and tranny among other things. What was there was a broken back window, cracked front valence panel and the body was so thin you could almost see through it. I thought about finding a re-issue version but opted for fabrication and robbing my parts boxes. I began with weathering the body to hide some of glue stains and went from there. I used a combination of methods (salt chipping and windex and dusting to achieve the effects you see. The windshield, side windows and back window are scratch built using clear projection sheets from the old style school overhead projectors. This was my first time using BMF and am still learning its challenges and realized this was probably not the best one to start with as most of the body lines were pretty minimal and faint.
  10. Meant to represent a truck that is used but not abused, perhaps maybe even a hand me down from a parent, and kept in the family since new. I think I may have went a little further on the weathering than I intended, and there are some areas that I simply failed at. I thought about working on a few more areas, but feel that I needed to call this one done at some point. This is the most extensive weathering I have done on a model, and represents some first attempts in various areas as well. Started with AMT Super Stones 78 Ford pickup After market items used as is or modified; Detail Master power steering pump and alternator brackets, and sunglasses, pocket knife, oil filler cap, plate frames Scenes Unlimited tires, battery, and Brake Backs soft metal oil filter (pulled from the parts box, possibly R&M) Bolt and nut heads from various companies Bare Metal Foil Wire mesh for grill (source unknown) scratch items grill is 23 pieces of styrene rod, rough but more realistic(will create jig for next similar project) Lowered mounting points for suspension to lower vehicle stance body to frame mounting brackets power steering pump dipstick Hand rag on seat Rear window, rubber seal Elmer's glue and black Tamiya paint parts box master cylinder rims Radiator (kit did not come with one) Radiator top rear-view mirror printed plates Body mods removed door side trim for better looking door graphics created utility box to be seen from the bottom, as well as door jams, the chassis looked like it had gaping open spots that needed to be filled, otherwise painted, dinged, bumped and weathered. decals printed for me by fellow modeler Ken Shaffer main body color by Scalefinishes.com weathering stains and pigments by Mig Ammo and Vallejo, and AIM products plus various others including RustAll.
  11. I finished this Galaxie about two and a half years ago. This was my first attempt at post apocalypse vehicle. My first attempt at weathering too. I watched all the videos and all the techniques I could find on Youtube. What would we do without internet??? I think that I repainted the car body four times. Never happy with the weathering job. In the end I was very happy with it. http:// http:// trunk cover closed: http:// trunk cover open: http:// The fuel storage. I made the 55 gallon drum out of a container that held diabetic blood strips. http:// http:// http://
  12. Just finished building this '57 Chevy "barn find" vintage gasser. You can get all the details and more photos on my site at the link. http://www.svensworldofwheels.com/57_chevy_barn_find_gasser_page.html
  13. I'll post pictures of the body soon when I get the color scheme finished, but for now I need help with wiring the engine (It'll be my first time, but I've a good plan already). So far, my plan was to use picture hanging wire (was my only quick + cheap option), "drill" the spark plug holes on the valve covers, and glue the wires through the holes. BUT: Now I can't figure out how to glue them on the Distributor Cap!
  14. Hi everybody, here is my 66 Riviera - to make three, in this section this week, complete. After a failed paintjob for a cool Lowrider, a missing enginebay in the kit, i had "no other chance" to safe him not to throw in the trash. Take a look at my Lowrider... stay a while for the pics inside...
  15. Hallo everybody, today i want to show you a two-week-built from February this year. In times, when i built too much details, i need a simple kit to relax. Based on the amt kit (#6062) with the camper inside, i tested on this car, how to weather decals and to brush street dust on it. Take a look: ...
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