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Found 14 results

  1. I have been participating in the 24 Hour Build since 2013. There are years I finished, years I came close and years that I crashed and burned! Not ashamed to say it! This year I was successful! As board members will note, I've been on this Monogram Model A trip recently. So why not add vehicle number four? That had me choosing the Woody Wagon. And so it goes.... Early on I decided this wagon was a packing crate on wheels. This photo is a pregame taped mockup done early in the week to gain knowledge about how the kit assembles and get some inspiration. I had been burned in the past
  2. Picked this up for $8 at a place called Ollies that sells discount goods along with a few other models. Came out really good, I just hate having to make the suspension on these things. I don't have four arms to hold the things down and glue. SAM_2188 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2189 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2190 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2191 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2192 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2193 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2194 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2195 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  3. hello to all I wanted to make this kit that a friend had offered me in March, but not to do what he expected of me. After some research on the net, I found a UTE military version. I made a Woody version .... the project was launched ideal to present it to NNL EAST. I used Primer Tamiya for the first time. And ZeroPaints painting, I was bluffing by this painting! Without dilution top! Vernish hobby colors. The roof has been lowered, the body studs have been modified, ben in scratch with real wood ...... Seen at NNL EAST 2017. WIP Photos : https://public.fotki.com/Zelkam/stock/ford-1941-ute-wood
  4. My 1st woody! Revell did a good job on this kit. It's really nice to build. Lowered and riding on Pegasus chrome reverse wheels. The nose decal doesn't fit the raised letters, as it's too short. So I cut up the decal and applied the letters one at a time: I put an Aloha garland in there,,, nearly forgot the chassis: I hope you like it Comments appreciated + or -
  5. I know a lot of you guys will have built either this, or the chopped version, so you'll know how nice this kit goes together. Anyone who's wondering if they should build one; Do yourself a favour and buy this kit. I've been used to old kits and re-pops of old kits, where the tooling is dodgy. But this is like a Tamiya kit in its engineering and moulding. The decals are also some of the best I've ever used. That said, the review in ModelCars Mag, proved to be very useful, especially when highlighting symmetry issues on the front end. All of the following photos are from my phone, so please excu
  6. Had a few issues with fit and still have to do a few touch ups, but it came out great.
  7. Well, here is my latest project - a chopped 49 Merc woodie sedan delivery. Resin body on an old 49 Merc chassis & interior I had laying around. It will be curbside - no engine. The body was warped when I got it, but some hot water and a twist fixed that. The body came with no hood, but I have hoods from both the Revell and old AMT 49's, so I figured one of them would fit. Wrong! The AMT hood came closest, so I'm using it, but it's a real pain! I had to shorten it and add strips to widen it, and it still doesn't fit at the cowling! I'll keep at it, I guess! I paneled in the side windows wit
  8. Hello to all, Here is my latest creation presented at NNL EAST. I wanted to create a "Cadillac Viewmaster Hess & Eisenhardt 1956" To create this car, I used: -Cadillac 1956 Coupe deVille resin from Modelhaus -2 chevy Nomad 1955 -tires and rims 1957 cadillac modelhaus -rivets at Top Studio -decals wood in Uschi military modelisme -letters from settlers -photoetched: The Model Car Garage -paint and varnish Mr colors -interior and exterior door handles, made for me in "bestmodelcarparts " headlight I used the headlights of the 55 Chevy I modifier.Scratch interior, ro
  9. These Matrix models are really Fantastic. Check out the chrome trim around the trunk lid, and the beautiful interior.
  10. I'm loving the quality of parts in the Monogram 48 Ford Woody kit. But I'm real hesitant to start drilling the "crab style" distributor. Any tips on how to wire this up? Thanks!
  11. Greetings from Motown!,,just finished this "Woody". Its kindof what you might call a "GT" package if it were ever to be offered back in the day,,lol. Lots of scratch built stuff,,no after market parts on this,,just leftovers from the junk bxs. Some of the pcs were missing when I got the kit{ swap meet kit} so had to use the thunderbird tire cover in back,,different rear bumper,turn signals on front fenders,scratch built,,And the mtr is some hemi out of a prostock kit,,have no idea which one. Tinted the windshield + wing windows blue Scratch built visors,,roll bar,,seatbelts. I really li
  12. Howdy all,,well Im thinking of spring coming soon,,summer soon after,,got in kindof a fair weather building mood on this one. Its kindof a WIP side project I work on from time to time. Its the AMT 41' Woody,,but its missing the back doors,,and its top,,and a Hemi somehow got in there,,other than that its somewhat stock. Engine is totally from the leftover prts bx's. As are the tires+ rims. Gonna do a 2 tone dark blue seat insets,,with the white interior. Made little floor mats for it,,kindof a summertime ride,,all I need now is the $$ for the 1:1 car! Cheers!
  13. Here are some pics of my latest completion. It's based on the Revell 48 Woody. I mastered the grille and hood to convert it to a 42 Model. I painted the grille pieces with Alclad. I think they actually look better in the picture than in reality. Maybe it's the flash that highlights the chrome look. Here are a couple of other conversions I have done as well. A stock 42 Convertible and a custom 42 coupe.
  14. zenrat

    Surf Rod

    I put this one together with the idea that a surfing rodder built something to get him to the beach quickly and with style. Since getting it on the road the sun, salt air and windblown sand has taken it's toll, the roof fabric has had to be patched due to wear & tear and carrying greasy engine parts for his mates has wrecked the carpets. But it'll still get him to the beach quickly and with style. Not a r## rod, just used. It's the Revellogram '30 Woody kit with the engine & tuning parts from the Revell '40 convertible. Front wheels are from the Heller/Revell BMW Dixie with AMT '
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