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Building a Rod on a Theme

Kustom Steve

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I have been looking at doing some cars based on 50's to '60's style Hot Rods lately. I found a cool looking '30 Model A chopped coupe in a recent issue of from fall 2014 Rod & Culture that is a funky but rich green color. After reading and re-reading the article gleaning as much as possible about the build, I realized the car was from a car building TV show on cable. I haven't had cable TV in over five years now so I missed it. So Google being my friend and I found pictures and some more info about the car online. At first I was going to build a sorta, kinda looks like the car but now that I know it has some Hollywood glitz to it I may try to do as accurate as I can (within reason) replica of a '60's style rod. I have in my stash an R&D Unique chassis that I wasn't sure what to do with since all of the cool 1/25th scale kits of '32 Fords have been out by Revell stuffing it under a Monogram 30 Model A will do. I also have been having a bit of a parts problem since I liquidated 80% or more of my stash and most 1/24th scale went out the door. I kept some '40 Ford Pickups and '37 Sedans and the "lil Coffin kit. That's it. I sold off my Model A parts and my '32 Monogram Ford Roadster.

Fast forward to the March Toledo show last week I went with my shopping list of kits and parts I wanted. I scored the Monogram '30 Model A Phaeton. I will be stealing the engine out of this model and the headlights bar for some other yet not thought up build for the cool custom headlight bar (It was mentioned in the new Revell Model A Roadster kit that these headlights are great '50's parts). So This kit wasn't just bought for a headlight bar assembly, lol. Now for an engine and headlight bar! ( when I got home and opened up the kit I may build a Rat Rod out of the tub with the custom flathead out of the '40 Ford Pickup kit and wheels I traded from a Danbury Mint Classic car. I am trying to be as economical with my cash as possible with the price of kits these days.

I couldn't find the Model A kit at Toledo except for one air box for 5 bucks - no thanks. A friend from my local model car club came to the rescue. He has a spare coupe body and some interior parts - Score! I was going to use the wheels and tires from the 'Lil Coffin as well as the engine, but now that I am considering going more Replica I will use just the tires and grab a set of Radirs from my T Bolt kit that were the custom rims from that kit. Now I need to see if there was ever any finned Corvette scripted valve covers on a Monogram kit, and I may need to get the Monogram 1/24th scale Deuce roadster for the grill, grill shell and some of the front suspension components. I think it had a dropped axle and split wishbone suspension and the mid '80's version might of had the Corvette script finned valve covers?

I would have to scratch build the air cleaners, chop the body, make a diamond tuft roof insert as well as make the interior upholstery match. The article mentioned they used House of Color Lime Green and I am set.

I didn't watch the show, saw online during my research about the "drama" about the show. I am not concerned about the "Reality" TV side of things, just a cool car.





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I just checked my loca Discount Drug Mart store. They have a decent selection of Revellogram kits at good prices. They had the Monogram 32 Ford Roadster in 1/24th scale. The grill looks great but the valve covers aren't the finned Corvette script. Did Monogram ever produce that part in 1/24th scale?

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Nice car in spite of the drama TV show, don't watch any of the "reality" TV car shows anymore with the exception of anything Chip Foose is on. Even if Chip didn't do and come up with some amazing stuff, I just like him as a person, actually met him once, he makes you feel like you are on the same level as he is. He asked me about my "Cool Car" I told him about my Mini Cooper, his eyes lit up as he listened. He's just a nice guy who happens to love cars. Oops that's almost a hijack sorry. Back to the topic on hand.

Model A coupes are one of my favorites you can do so much with one to make it unique, or in this case make it a doorway to our Hot Rodding roots. There is a seller on eBay who is selling a few parts from the Monogram '30 phaeton, I've bought from them befor and I think they have a Deuce grill shell. Seller is Propsplus worth a look at their resin which is generally pretty crispy.

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I got most of the parts I need now:

Monogram '30 Model A Coupe Parts

Model A interior door panel

Model A Seat & Dash



Monogram '30 Model A Phaeton

SBC Engine Block


3 Carb Manifold

3 Stromberg Carbs

Chrome I-Beam

Monogram '32 Ford Roadster Parts

Deuce Grill, Shell and Radiator

Exhaust Headers

Split Wishbone Front Suspension

Monogram 'Lil Coffin

Tires - Slicks and front tires wide whites

Revell T-Bolt

Radir Rims

R&D Unique

'32 Frame Rail Kit

Front Suspension Kit

Parts Box Valve Covers


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