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72 Charger

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Very nice work Marcos! I especially like the color! The usual red or pink gets a little old after a while, especially because the '59 Caddy was never offered in pink. The closest thing was a color called "Wood Rose".

Cadillac had so many beautiful colors in '59. I wish we'd see more representations of some of them.

I'm guessing yours is either "Georgian" or "Argyle" blue.


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Still trying to get my hands on a Johan '63(4?) & '65 Verts, but I have this '77 Coupe Deville promo. Deciding if I want to leave it as is, or dismantle it, clean it up, and paint/detail it. Problem is, it's a complete original(even the hood ornament still there) with box.


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Here are a few of mine.

Gunze Sango 1959 conversion to 1960 flat top( The car in my avatar )


Another Gunze, this time a 1960 coupe.


Next up, first issue AMT Ecto with a Revell grill, it just about fits and does not have the four emergency lights in the centre section.


Never really finished this model, hence no flower rails on the roof.


Thanks for looking, comments welcome of any sort. :D

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