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Here is the first truck I built when I got back into modeling. It's the Revell USA snap Peterbilt 359 with Jbot Winslow stripes. The trailer was built much later.


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My first truck built in 1982 was amt's 359 wrecker. But the only Peterbilt conventional I have digital pics of is Revell's snapper (first issue from the mid 80's): It received some detail-painting and a gloss clearcoat over the red plastic and the headache rack from the Alaskan hauler KW to hide some of the snap tongues.

What I like very much are the original decals: Melton, United diesel and the yellow, orange and red graphics - a shame that they are gone!



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This looks great. My kinda build, stretched and slammed.

If you want to add a little "extra" to it. Take a pin vise of be very easy with a drill. Take a 7/64 or 1/8 drill bit and drill out the 10 holes on the rims. It'll give it that custom wheel look. Also, you might want to rub some BMF on the handles and sleeper vents. 1 last thing, a visor would be the cherry on top. Drop me a PM, I might be able to help.

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Here's a pair of little window Petes that I built in the late 90's when I discovered Ebay. Prices weren't too outta this world at that time.

My first Revell Pete I built for my daughter. I remember thinking this was a great kit and where the heck was I when these kits were on the shelves???? Musta been around the time I ditched my BMX bike for my first car...

All got destroyed during moves, the black one got rebuilt the same and the other T-500 got built as a 358 wrecker. The Revell kit is/has been a work in progress.




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When I first looked at this photo. I said hmmm whitewalls / Naw. But the longer I looked at the pic .The more I liked it. I also think that the whitewalls would look good on one of the Moebius trucks that has been strecthed and lowered.

You did a real nice job on this one. What paint did you use on the sleeper?

Be Well


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