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'50 Olds Custom...

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Normally, I'm not a big fan of taking early coupes and going for the hardtop look. Most times it looks strange to me.

But this one just looks right on. As a custom it works on so many levels. At first I thought it was a 1:1 that might have been done by Sam Barris. Great work.

Did you rechrome the shiny bits or is that Alclad?

How did you accomplish the side spear with the groove through it?

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Another great 50s kustom Steve ...... ;) .....Been a fan of your work for awhile now, stumbled across your website and I was hooked ! Just fantastic craftsmanship all round, looking forward to more.......... Lowlife ! !

PS.......Can you please update the website for those of us not on FB... :) .... Thanks

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Another true Masterpiece from your bench. Every time I see your post I can prepare myself to see some amazing work, but every time I'm completely amazed by your skills... This is not an exception, fantastic work and a very stylish Oldsmobile overall. I like how it looks as a Hard Top.

If this thing doesn't win a prize at a show.... It must be so that prizes are not available at all. B)

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I don't know what to say.....It's just beautiful!

I usually don't comment on many customs on this forum just because, as a rule, they don't interest me. But, there's no ignoring this one! :blink:


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