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Hello all, its been a while since I have been on this forum. Thought I had better come back and have a look whats being going on over there in the American modelling world.

I finished this one over 2 years ago. Its based on the Lindberg F150 styleside kit. I lengthened the chassis, changed the dash to RHD, fabricated the rear tray, working lightbars and strobes at rear, scratchbuilt the hose reel and all the equipment in the tray.

I painted in our Queensland fire service colours and signage.

I also made it so that the ear tray can come of and the sides be put on for regular use. The side door of the rear tray opens to gain access to the battery and switch for the working lights.










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No not really. I had a Lindberg F150 kit that was partially built so I thought I would build a truck that I think could be utilised by the Fire Service here (I have been a firefighter here in Queensland for the last 8 years). The original idea was to mount a swift water rescue boat on top, with lockers to stow equipment but also have a tray area for wet gear. The tray was kept high so that the 4WD capabilities would not be compromised. Our mining vehicles have very similar rear trays on them for maintenance utes so I copied that concept. The addition of the extinguishers came about from a raceway diorama we were building here so I thought I could double this vehicles use by having a removable tray that held the extinguishers and hand tools as well. This build was purely a "What if I designed a truck for work".

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