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1990-1991 Ford LTD Crown Vic/1987-1989 Chevy Caprice

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For a while now I have been following some of robertburns' resin creations here on this forum, some of which he has offered to sell so long as there is enough interest. For reference, note these two topics that he started:



As I am mainly interested in emergency/commercial models, I approached Robert Burns via PM about the possibility of him making 1/25 resin kits for the police versions of the 1990-1991 Ford LTD Crown Victoria and the 1987-1989 Chevrolet Caprice 9C1, two of my favorite police cars. Mr. Burns showed interest in doing so if he could get at least 10 commitments for each car, of which I have already spoken for 2 of each. So with his permission, I am posting this topic to garner up interest in getting these cars kitted by Mr. Burns as I believe there are many possibilities out there, with both stock civilian and emergency cars possible.

So I've mentioned the make and models, now let me explain why I specifically chose the years I mentioned.

Here is a picture of a 1990-1991 LTD Crown Vic:


The 1988-1991 models were all essentially the same except that the 1988-1989 models had a different dash/steering wheel and steel wheels than the 1990-1991s. Unlike the 88's and 89's, the 90-91s were used by far more agencies, including the LAPD, California Highway Patrol, etc. Depending on how much work Mr. Burns would want to do, the Lindberg Crown Victoria chassis and wheels could be used as the wheels are identical.

Then there is the 1987-1989 Caprice:


This car was used by just about almost law enforcement agency out there. I didn't choose the '86 Caprice as that version had 1-year specific headlights. Again, I'm thinking that the Revell Caprice kit could be used for the chassis and correct wheels and wheel covers.

Mr. Burns has given me a price for each kit, although I will not post it as it might violate the rules of this site. PM me if you want the figure. All I can say is that it is a reasonable amount compared to other resin kits.

Please, let's keep the discussion in this thread to these specific car requests. This isn't really a thread to submit requests of what people want, what could be better, etc, but to see if people would be interested in a kit of either one or both of these two specific cars.

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At this point, I'm unsure I'd be able to get it; however, I'm VERY interested in it. I'd definitely buy one, in say, a month?

If there is enough interest (things are looking good right now) and Mr. Burns decides to go through with this, I would imagine that by the time he gets everything set up and ready to go, the timing might be better for you. But I will let him get into the details.

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Depending upon when they are available and for how long, I;d be interested in two Crown Victrias and at least one Chevrolet. I couldn't afford all at once right now, but if they were avauilable in a couple of months and remained available - depending on my finaces, I'd be ordering. Perhaps the caster can PM me?

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Depending on the price I will like one of each, maybe even a second Crown Vic. if I can afford it....really looking forward to see this coming a reality, the Crown Vic in that particular version has been overdue in 1/25-24 scale for a looooong time.

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I just spoke to Robert Burns and he's moving forward at this point. Per his request, I'm going to send him a list of all of the people who commented on this thread and who PM'd me and the # of items they were interested in. If you want to change that number, or pull out of that list, please let me know now in this thread. This is the list he will be going off of to determine how many he makes.

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