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Thank you to all the men and women for your service and lets not forget the families of the Military. I feel sadden for all the ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country and freedom...

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Remembering my father US Army Major Arthur H Geiger, career officer with a tour in Viet Nam in 1962 as an adviser, and 3 years in Turkey working for NATO. He later ran a communications unit in Germany. I never joined the military, but was immersed in the culture as an army brat for 16 years!

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Please fly the flag today in honor of our fallen heroes.

I fly my flag everyday as a reminder of those who gave their lives for my freedom.

And not to nitpick, but Memorial Day is our national day of remembrance of our fallen soldiers. To honor our current military members we have armed forces day in May and for our veterans, we have Veterans Day in November. I am grateful for all who are serving, have served or paid the ultimate price.

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I'd like to echo all of this.

Some specific Mentions

My mother, who spent her time in the USAF watching the radar scopes

My cousin Dennis Boley, Currently NHRA Divisional tech inspector and Racecar driver, but Formerly Navy.

My Grandfather 25 year Army Veteran. Passed on a few years ago, but he lived just long enough to see his first Great Grandchild(my oldest son), not for his second(my youngest son)

My cousin Gail Davis, who died in Vietnam at LZ Xray, in IA DRANG. Think of the movie We Were Soldiers. He died day 2 of that hell.

To every service member who gave all they had just one time.

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I didn't get the chance to post this yesterday.

To those from BLT 3/4 who helped evacuate Saigon 40 years ago and didn't make it back. To all those fine Marines from the 24th MAU lost in Beirut so many years ago.

Semper Fi Gentlemen.

May you have fair winds and following seas.


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