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Gremlin Street Freak / Gasser - Done!! 8/31


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Here is a project ive been working on for a while. Using the Gremlin X kit, and the 1933 Willys Gasser kit as the main donors. The main idea was a wild chromed out gasser show car. Something from the late 70's early 80's show car circuit.


Name = Gizmo

Color Scheme = Bright Green with Purple Windows and Accents, Chrome Everything

Interior = Metal Flake Silver Vinyl with Diamond Pleats

Engine = Early 392 Hemi with Hilborn Injection

Overall Look = Wild.


Here is the progess so far:

First thing was to lop off the factory front end and make some new frame rails. I made these the correct width to accept the Willys front axle and springs.


Rough Suspension Mockup


Check the stance and fit of the hemi


Removal of pesky fuel tank, and chassis smoothing.


Suspension Mounts and new wheels and tires from Comp Resins.



Switch out from the funky willys rear end to the 9" out of the AMT 62 Thunderbird


Scratch built some ladder bars, and finished up the chassis mounts. (still need shocks and steering linkage)









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And then i got bored with the chassis so i started on the engine last night...

Scratchbuilt the fined valley pan cover... Kit part is on the left, in the kits defense the engine is from the AMT parts pack, and made to have a blower.


Then the intake.. only one done so far.



Steering linkage and moontank mount added... still needs some tweaking. but it is there.


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Thanks guys! This one is a lot of fun to work on.. and gets more insane with each additional part.

I'd love to know how you accomplished the intake, getting those ports so uniform and even. Awesome work.

I would really like to say i have some crazy trick that made it really easy... but i dont.. I made the intake flanges out of .020 sheet, then cut off 8 pieces of .080 round rod, square cut all the same length. I measured and marked the ports onto the flanges. then glued the rod onto the flanges with a liberal amount of the tamiya thin glue. While they were drying i kept fiddiling with them until they were visually straight and centered on the flange.


Once I let the glue dry really really well... I used CA glue to temporarily glue the flange flat on the head. Then I used sanding stick to make sure all of the tubes the same length and that the top was at the correct angle. Once that was done, I drilled the hole for the throttle shaft and took my 3/16" hole punch to some .010 styrene. Those 3/16 disks were glued to the top of each tube to simulate the flanges. I added detail with bolts heads from some .020 hex rod and the injection ports from .040 rod.

Thats pretty much the entire story.

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