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1990 Mustang LX "Street Beater"

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This one is based on a few "bench racing" sessions from high school. Quite a few guys had Fox-body Mustangs... there was a really nice '84 GT, a somewhat ratty '84 convertible with a V6, an extremely nasty '86 LX 5.0, and even an '87 LX coupe with a 2.3. In auto shop class, and hanging out elsewhere, we'd all talk about building the "ultimate" Mustang, whatever that meant at whatever particular time we were discussing the subject.

One idea was just a low-buck LX coupe- nothing fancy, maybe even with a backyard-sprayed olive drab paint job, and some type of potent, but oddball, engine. This model is sort of inspired by that idea.

The Center Line wheels are from Pegasus- narrowed a bit to fit inside the Mustang's fender wells. I started with the drag kit by Revell. There's a 'hidden stock building option in that kit- all of the stock parts still come in the kit, and there's even a full set of stock tires. So I stashed all the drag-specific parts sans the cowl hood to use on another Mustang project and used the stock suspension, etc.. I still don't know if I'll go with a stock-type exhaust or some SuperTrap type mufflers just ahead of the rear tires, but I'm calling it done for now.

The "backyard sprayed" Olive Drab is Tamiya, and I painted the hood flat black to represent an unpainted fiberglass unit- I may or may not add hood pins to it. The paint is intentionally less-than perfect, and I rubbed through to the red primer in a few spots. The Michigan "Stang" plate is from a Monogram '94. I left the front turn signal lenses clear to represent those clear "euro" lenses everybody was using 10-15 years ago.

As for that potent but oddball engine? It's a 3.8 V6 with a supercharger, swiped from a Revell '92 Thunderbird SC. I also used the T-Bird's radiator and electric fan. The air cleaner box is the Mustang piece, spliced into the T-Bird intake tract.





I may eventually install the spoiler, add some kind of WW2-inspired graphics, and of course sort out the exhaust situation, but it'll look alright on the shelf as-is for the time being.

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Cool and great build Chuck. I love the story. Back in the late 80's I remember all the guys running Mustangs, and some kids with generous parents running Silverados and SS Monte Carlos.

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Love it ! But graduating in 86 I missed all the 5 liter beaters . My 74 Nova was the only "muscle car" Previous years there was a plum crazy Challenger and some early Mustangs . Just too many farm boys at the Vo-Tech so a lot of trucks and then the clueless with every day cars . Now to get my LX done


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