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John Geraghty, hot rod designer

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I just read in the LA Times of the passing of John Geraghty, a famed hot rod designer in the 50s and 60s, who quit the business to become a well-known curator of western art. He created The Grasshopper, which was ripped off, in general, by Monogram (without credit or compensation) for their Green Hornet kit. It was one of about only three hot rods I ever built.


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If you do a google search include hot rod or you get links to somebody else.

It's weird. I get totally different search results between my iPad and iMac using the same search terms. That's why I removed the Google suggestion from my first post.

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I understand a clone of that car has been built and recently debuted. I think there will be at least one feature story on the clone (possibly with some info on the original) in one upcoming hot rod rag or other. I'm keeping my eyes open because I've been wanting to build that old (repopped) Mono kit.

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