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This is an Arii kit, I've never built one before so I didn't know what to expect. It should have working pop up lights but it wasn't going to look realistic enough for me so I opted to leave them off. It wasn't a bad kit but it was meant to be motorised and lost some detail because of that, and there was some pretty severe flash in some areas.

Kit is box stock, except for a steering wheel from a Bburago 1/24 Porsche 996, and Fujimi Watanabe wheels with brake disks and tires. Colour is Tamiya lime green. Plates from the parts box, along with some small Mazda logos from the parts box.









Thanks for looking, all comments appreciated :)

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Sweet! Of course, I'm a little RX-7 biased. Technically, that's an 'SA' you've got there. At least in North America. I'm not sure if it was 'SA' or 'FB' in the home market, which is what your right-hand drive reflects. Regardless, that color is excellent on the first gen. Nice Work!

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Pretty cool build, I like the color. Its interesting you put Virginia plates on it as there are alot of military bases in Virginia. Every now and then you will see right hand drive cars or cars not available in the North American market, at least in the Norfolk area, from service members that bought them when they were overseas and shipped them back. I've seen Rovers, Fiats (pre Fiat-Chrysler) and Alfas running around Virginia beach and Chesapeake.

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