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Sonic Blue '82 Mustang GT turbo

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Here's that basket case of a kit finally finished! Found out that zap-a-gap and this kit didnt get along too well. had a touch of hazing on the side glass where the mirrors mounted. Also when pressing the glass into place, it cracked almost all the way down the drivers side window, and the paint shows some deeper scratches and low spots that the primer ultimately didnt fill :( But for just a quicky I think it turned out great! I'm just glad to have a good looking 4eye'd mustang on my shelf!











Let me know what you think!

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sure, Jesse, I will tell ya what I think....for a fix em up piece that had the woes you have mentioned, I would say you are the resto-king...that stang is super nice now...great work ....the ace........ B)

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Thanks, the spoiler looked ok during test fit but final assembly made the hatch stick out towards the back too much. Nothing I could do for it. And for some reason the air cleaner makes the hood stick up a little. The color is a spray can of duplicolor from the auto parts store. Advance Auto in particular

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