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Cadillac Fleetwood Le Cabriolet Lowrider 1/10

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It has been a while since I have build something, and posted it here. After some motorcycles and trucks, it was time to build a car, which I do rarely. Not that I don't like cars, on the contrary...I love em, especially the heavily customized ones. A tricked out Cadillac Fleetwood Le Cabriolet lowrider in 1/10 scale had been on my wishlist for a while. As some of you who know my work from the truck and bike sections might recall: I build with Lego bricks. Not that I am a particular Lego freak as such, but I just like the stuff to build something unique. Out of the box thinking instead of out of the box building, so to say. I like the challenge to get the cars geometry in place with standard Lego bricks, and that can be quite a job.

After some extensive research on lowrider technicalities and Cadillac 1980s frame design, I started work. This model is constructed out of 100% genuine Lego bricks. The green dark green color combination is challenging as many parts are quite rare. Many bricks are industrially retro-chromed with plating on plastics true chrome technology…. so true metal layers there. The gold on some parts, like the rims, is spray painted. For the first time I used UV printing technology to apply a mural directly on the bricks on the trunk lid. The only non-Lego parts are some wires and the ‘Rollerz’ club logo, which is lasercut from Acrylic. All in all a lot of work, but truly worth the effort.

Hope you like it!

Cadillac Lowrider Display in Lego 1:10

Together with Lego build Harley Davidson

Cadillac Fleetwood Le Cabriolet 1/10 in Lego

Cadillac Fleetwood Le Cabriolet 1/10 in Lego

Batteries, pumps, and subs

Ice and Hydraulics.

And the hood removed.

Cadillac Lowrider V8 Engine

I liked this build so much.. thinking of a Continental now...


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@ Ryan: It takes about 3 months to do a thing like this. I try to put in as much detail as possible, so the research takes some time as well.

@Lunajammer: You might not believe it, but I am not a Lego freak as such. I never buy sets. I just like modelbuilding and with Lego it works best for me. Nowadays I have the proper contacts to get the parts I need, and that helps a lot.

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Very impressive work mate, I like it :)!

My daughter loves Lego, has a big collection herself....we just need another room in the house to display her 'Lego City' Dio ;)




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Thnx all! In a few weeks my first book on true Lego scale modeling will be released worldwide. People who are curious to what extreme level things can be modeled withLego might like it. It will be cool 200 page full color and hardcover coffeetable piece.


Book: The Art of Lego Scale Modeling (august 2015)

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