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Here is my 4th build of a 53 pickup.  I really like this kit - not the flip version (even though I did build one), but the 3 in 1. I love the custom parts and the Desoto engine in it. I have plans for another custom, a 4x4 and a COE.  here are the other 3 I've built so far:

This one will be the stock version.  A couple of good things that should go well for me on this build.  I've built two 3 in 1s so I'm fairly familiar with the kit.  Although this is the first stock, for my 53 ford wagon, I built a stock engine so I also have an idea of how that goes.  

Cleaned up some parts the last couple of days and laid primer and some base flat black on them. Using a resin spare tire fender.  Not sure on the color yet. Here are some pics:






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Thanks, Rob. It's the Detail Master bed truck kit.  Comes with balsa wood and eight 5in. rails.  Enough for 2 kits.  Balsa wood is a little thick but you find some at a hobby shop.  

That's cool. I find basswood has a nicer grain that still looks in scale. I'll definitely be looking into that.

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