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My desktop computer bit the dust and I opted to go to a tablet for the portabiility factor. Still in the learning curve on it. 

Figured out how to take pics and store them...now trying to get a pic loaded to a post.IMG_20200625_110424.thumb.jpg.17128f4c930bf6d2d5867ae50e60de65.jpg

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Well, that worked well.

Wife and I moved couple of yrs back model projects now have a bench all their own.

When looking at the side shot of the car, I have decided I don't like the proportion of the height of the side of body to height of top. I chopped the top 3 in scale at the time I converted it from 5 window to 3 window. I also took a slice off of the bottom of the body. Going to rebuild that move for more body height or take more out of the top. Proportion is everything here for proper visual balance.





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Blunc, thanks for the feedback. The other option a  secondary chop on the top. I saw a deuce 3 window a while back that had a deeply cut top and the entire windshield frame was cut away from the cowl and top and refitted, laying it all back, raking the a pillar at about the same angle as the grill shell on this one. I've already built the cowl sides to match as well having the front door edge laid out with that shape as well. I illustrated all of this thourghly earlier in the thread.

It's one of those things that, the more I look at the body with this concept in mind, the more I think it will tie the flow of the lines of the car together.

Still will lower the sides, I think. Was not a good move...still have the pieces I cut off so some glass mat and back the way it was.

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Hood is cut slightly oversize...allow final trimming for fit to the body and grill shell. The grill is set at desired angle.

Hood at the cowl, across the top is slightly over bent. At the grill, it fits well on passenger side but is bent too tight on driver's side.

All in all, perty good for first fit.






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Fitting to the cowl. Dressing with a fairly coarse file until I get a good fit all the way across.

Going to reattach the lower body sides at this time as well as to finalize body height, want a subtle down rake to the hood as it travels on forward to the grill.




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Couple of shots of the decklid process. I'm hammering the area that needs the dome. Hammer has a domed face and I'm working it into a dense foam pad that let's the metal move into it as it's worked by the hammer.

Concept for top. Lay the a pillar back to match the angle used on everything else.

Reattach the original body sides.

Slight chop more at front giving a slight down rake to the roofline.ó




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The body on this piece was very thin and weak so when I did the chop i also glassed the entire inside of the body with mat to stiffen it up a bit. Used a small hand held belt sander to dress everything for this procedure.




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Proportion between top and sides much better now.

Reconfigured the wheel opening to match the tires.

Get the changes to the top roughed in next and then finalize everything together.





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You know when I retired, I thought, Oh boy now I got time to work on my favorite hobby! Well, I keep finding these unbelievable threads to follow, and I cant find time for modeling. I have seen some of the very best that modeling has to offer, and I cant stop looking. You sir are in a league of your own. This little coup and all that goes with it is art work and my hat is off to you. Thanks for sharing .

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Hey  L. Thanks for the very nice words and the sentemint. Much appreciated.

Was the right thing to do. Proportion between top to body side...much better to my eye now.

Back on the frame, it now has the nice forward rake to everything that is essential for the vibe I want for it.

Going to tub it, I think,...get half of the tires tucked into the body. Get away from the dually truck look that occurs when the tires are outside the body.

Hood is close to a good fit to cowl. Bottom edge will still need trimming. Still over long at grill.




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L.i., thanks for the feedback. 

Hard core Fab work going on here folks, even if it is in mineature.

Sides need more shrink to pull the side to side radius into place. Front to back is very close to good.





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