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Revell 57 Ford Tudor Started December 2012


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This one was started from the original kit when Revell first released it.



I originally built the stock 4 bbl engine for it and was really impressed with how the engine looked when built.


But then I went to paint it, and the original body reacted badly to the paint. After trying numerous things to get the body cleaned up I stuck it in a box until I could get a replacement body.

A replacement body came a few months later in the form of the Fireball Roberts race car.


I was interested in the body & supercharged engine and the race car was cheaper than the stock Tudor kit anyway :-) BTW, the original engine from the Revell kit fits really well inside the engine compartment of the AMT 57 Fairlane 500 kit. All that needs to be done is a little trimming on the transmission mount to get it to fit.

I removed the chrome plating from the supercharger and painted it Tamiya bright aluminum. I really like the look of this engine.



I painted the model Tamiya TS-15 blue and then detailed the interior for a stock look. I did deviate a bit from stock by painting the steering column & wheel Tamiya Light gunmetal instead of black.





I discovered the Revell "Ford" hubcap decals will fit great on the AMT full wheel covers that I'm using on this build.


I still need to paint the white lines on these hubcaps, like I did on my AMT build (still in progress BTW).


Of course I picked this one up a month or so ago and started it as well. For the wagon I'm saving the supercharger setup and instead using the 2-4bbl intake from the original Tudor kit. I have an AMT Fairlane 500 steering wheel for it and I am debating between chrome reverse wheels or full wheel covers.


Well, that's it for now, look for some updates later when I get some BMF on these bodies and some pictures taken of the Del Rio.

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