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AMT/Ertl 1964 Chevy Impala SS


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I was almost finished with the paint on this car and made some pretty dumb mistakes. This was the first car I chose since getting back into the hobby. 

She spent a few days in the purple pond and then Dawn Detergent and water. I've decided to spray Duplicolor Primer/Sealer to hopefully ensure that I don't have ant issues from the previous work. I'll sand her down tomorrow and shoot the second coat. Then it'll be time for Duplicolor Universal Black! 

I'm posting from my iPhone and it isn't very friendly with the text box and adding attachments. Here's some before and after and then after the strip down pictures. After those are photos with the new primer.



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Thanks for your condolences haha. I hope to do a better job this time around. I think everyone has at least one of these laying around. I'll post up some pictures of the other completed parts here tomorrow. 

I'm considering buying the photo etch set for this car. It'll be the first time I have ever used that stuff. 

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Good cleanup on the body. The one thing I have always had trouble with when I've stripped the paint is getting the door jams cleaned out. What color scheme are you going for on this ?

Thanks, man! It wasn't the easiest thing, but get a bunch of toothpicks and have at it. I've stripped 3 different cars this week and the panel lines and door jambs aren't an issue. The vents however, are a different story. Just hoping for the best there, which is why I'm using a primer/sealer. 

The interior is Testors Model Master Fabric Tan out of the spray can. The body will just be a plain old Duplicolor black and then shot with Duplicolor Clear. I won't be using BMF for this, so I'll mask it off and paint the trim chrome. I know it's not realistic, but I'm not trying to compete haha. I've got the '60 Ford Starliner that I plan to use BMF on. 

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Impalas looking good, glad you sorted the paint problem okay..... Cant remember who makes this kit but Revells is much better  (im going by the chrome headlights.. ? )   I personally, would recommend saving a p/e set for the better version, this ones a little basic compared. Why not BMF it? Practice makes perfect and its just as much hassle masking all the chrome work up ? ......  Good luck with it anyway,  Lowlife ! !

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A lot of people like to malign this AMT '64 Impala kit. To me, it is one of the greatest kits ever made due to the subject matter and fidelity to shape.

The headlights are a victim of the AMT reduction of costs planning. First they were a very nicely shaped promo style lights, later to become open glass operating lights in the kit form. In the 1969 reissue, the glass lenses remained in the grille though the working light box and bulbs were gone. In 1973 the kit returned as STREET SHAKER where AMT closed the headlights with those bulbous funky chrome lenses. Better they left the clear lenses, but they didn't. Be thankful they turn the whole car into a Modified Stocker like the '64 Galaxie kit.

Comparing the AMT to the Revell is like comparing apples and oranges. The AMT was designed as a promo and the Revell as a kit. You can, if you are clever, make an AMT very nice.

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Yes, this is a nice kit even if it's a bit simple compared to the Revell kit. But it can be built very nice, just like this one is turning out. Good looking paint job and great color choice, too. Keep it coming.

I think those chrome headlights are not a problem. There is a good trick I got from a fellow modeler a few years ago. Just paint the chrome headlights with gloss white and while the paint is still a bit wet, start removing it carefully from the center so that a little of the chrome plating can be seen under that white paint. It's actually very simple and makes a big difference. I used that technique on my '70 Dodge Super Bee a while back and I think it looks pretty good:

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