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Stock '64 Dodge Polara interior (non-500) (Update)

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I've had a Jo-Han '64 Dodge project in limbo for a few years, because the original kit came with a Polara 500 interior (buckets and different door panels) but a non-500 body and wheelcovers sourced from the promo. Finding a promo interior with the split bench and correct upholstery has been futile - even wrecked Dodge promos are expensive, and Modelhaus doesn't make one.

Well, this evening I was looking through parts on eBay, and found someone had parted out a USA Oldies reissue '62 Dodge. I took a look at the interior bucket, and saw it was actually the '64 Dodge promo piece! I remember some mixing and matching was done with these kits in the '70s because some molds were missing; looks like they took the '64 interior and the '63 dash and steering wheel, then modified the package shelf to fit the curved '62 rear window (not a hard fix). You can see where there was a slight mod to fit the dash, but a little trimming will fix that.


Best part is I already have an NOS interior from a '62 I parted out long ago.

I know there won't be too many of you building a stock '64 Dodge Polara, but hopefully this will save someone some expense/work/aggravation. ;)

P.S. Don't forget you can find more accurate Polara wheelcovers in the AMT clear trailer kit (sourced from the old '65 Coronet - they're the same as '64).


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Update: Same deal with the '64 Plymouth Fury - promo was correct, but the kit always had a Sport Fury bucket-seat interior. The '62 Plymouth USA Oldies release has the '64 Fury promo bench-seat interior:



It was either that or change the emblems (maybe hack 'em out of a Palmer kit :rolleyes:). Plus the Lindberg Belvedere wheelcovers are correct for the standard Fury.

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I wonder if The Modelhaus parts are the original 1962/'63/'64 parts?

Charlie Larkin

I got a '64 Plymouth Promo Interior from the Modelhaus a couple of years ago for my '64 Fury Project.

The correct full wheel covers are from the Lindberg '64 Belvedere kit, which I may do as a side by side build with this one.

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Sounds like you and I are on the same wavelength with un-Sport Furies. I just now finished attaching the '64 kit package shelf to the USA Oldies '62-but-really-'64 interior, and test-fitted the dash - looks like it will work. Guess I'll do the Dodge next now that I'm on a roll.

I should mention that the promo/Oldies interior is 1/8" shallower than the kit interior, and a bit shorter in front (although the dash hides it).

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