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64' Polara Wagon Cannonball Sleeper build. Completed


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Build thread for my entry to this years Cannonball run (Sleeperball) over in the cbp. I'm taking the Color Me Gone 330 on making it into a rusty crusty Polara Wagon. I'm going to put a modern Hemi in it, may upgrade with a supercharger might not, they are kind of loud. A arm suspension and all wheel disk brakes being donated from what's left of a Viper (Top right in Red) I picked up months ago. Got other plans that I'll disclose when I get them to sell the sleeper look.


Starting point 





Where it's at right now. Didn't like how the rear window looked so I'm cutting and shorting it some. Might be a gutsy move with only 36 days left but I think it'll look closer to the 1:1 now.  


More to come.


Thanks for looking!



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Thanks for the kind words everyone. The 70 Coronet Wagon sounds awesome, I've seen a few pics on google are they certainly look great.

For mine the sides are .40 and the top is .20  plain evergreen styrene. I would have done .40 for the top as well but A ran out of usable sheet.


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Thanks guys!

Got the front end of the Viper in and scribed new door lines making it a 4 door, it's rough but so am I lol. Body work is done (I think) so as soon as I get some paint I'll start spraying the many layers it will be getting. Just about to start putting the Viper rear end in as well. Initial test fitting of the engine looks good too so that's a plus, nice to have stuff falling in order for once.




I lost the rear panel so I scratched a new one.


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Thank you for the kind and awesome words everyone. I'm pushing it as far as I can trying to get it done in time.

Memysel, I too really like wagons and am a huge Mopar fan myself. I like a challenge, the bigger the better and I also like trying to make something that is unique at the time.

 The story behind this build is I like bringing Mopar to the Cannonball cbp and this years Sleeper theme really knocks out a lot of candidates, they just don't make believable sleepers, not to me at least. So this created another challenge for me, build a Mopar and fool myself with it. I knew I would have to go either 4 door or wagon if I wanted to do a pre 74' build. So when I was looking for candidates I typed in 4 door Mopar on Google and the first picture that catch my eye was a 64' Polara Wagon. It was fully restored and white but when I saw it it said "I'm the one". So after of searching I found that the car was kitted as the Color Me Gone 64' 330. I got one and here it is now.  Funny thing is that Olie's had the 64' Ramchargers version last year around this time for $6.00 a kit and it didn't catch my eye at the time... I wish I had picked up a couple.

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Thanks Charlie, Dan, John and Todd. Yep John, that's a 6.1 out of the Magnum kit, sits in the bay very nicely.

Update time:

I scraped the supercharger, after looking intensively at 1:1 I realized I made mine to big and for sake of accuracy I decided to not use it and put the stock manifold back on. Painted flat back to imply it's an aftermarket upgraded version. I also realized the kit doesn't have a battery with it so I'm scratching a racing battery for it. Got some plumbing done to the engine it's almost ready to mount. The front half of the interior is also done a ready to drop in. I'll build in the back half later tonight.






Five days to go. Thanks for looking!

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