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Acrylic Lacquer nail polish brands?

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Hey gang,

Years ago, I was airbrushing nail polish paintjobs thinning them with Dupont automotive nitrocellulose lacquer thinner(since the nail polish I was using was nitrocellulose lacquer)with great results. I was also conveniently spraying my basecoats and clearcoats with nitrocellulose lacquer based Plastikote automotive spray cans, but I've discovered that neither nitro lacquer thinner nor Plastikote nitro lacquer are available these days. I had the idea of switching to acrylic lacquer based paints since automotive paint supply stores DO carry acrylic lacquer thinners, and acrylic lacquer based Duplicolor automotive spray cans are available, but I don't know which brands of nail polish, if any, are acrylic lacquer based. Anybody out there have this info? Thanks in advance!

Here is an example of a nitro lacquer paintjob I did. The gold base, candy red, and final clearcoat was Plastikote spray cans, while the black fogging and gold pearl clear was nail polish.



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I use nail polish quite a bit, but i use a multi purpose thinners, ( acrylic and enamal compatible). No names as here in Aus, everything is different to you guys.

Just use a quality one, like Du pont etc, not a hardware brand.

That way, you can use pretty well ANY nail polish you like, and i manage to cover them all with Acrylic clear coat with no problems.

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I have over 50 nail polish colors for my model car builds. The info on the bottles doesn't give any clue as to what type of paint is inside (nitrocellulose, acrylics or whatever else is in the bottle).  I go by smell! :D  Seriously, I usually use an ordinary lacquer thinner from a hardware store (I use the SCL brand).  Sometimes I use a medium temperature reducer from PPG. Either one works fine to think the nail polishes I have used so far.

Here is my latest build using a nail polish.


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I've never used anything but acrylic lacquer thinner for lacquers, enamels & nail polishes. Use a reputable brand, not the cheap hardware store stuff. I have been using DuPont medium temp since the mid '80's, years before I was building model cars.

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