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Anybody into rockabilly?


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I love "First Comes the Night," the new album by Chris Isaak, the reigning king of 21st century rockabilly and a genre splitter. Elvis lives, plus other guys like Marty Robbins and maybe Orbison without the highest octaves. Very 50s, plus western and rock. Hard to describe if you're not familiar with his music. 

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I like Chris Isaak. Not a huge fan, but I think he's good.

I guess it all depends on how wide a net you cast with the term "rockabilly." Fer instance... would Rockpile/Dave Edmunds fit into your definition? Stray Cats? I like both. :D

I'm not a fan of rockabilly. But like you, I'm a big Dave Edmunds fan. I like it the way HE does it.

Stray Cats, not so much. I change the station if they happen to come on the radio.

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 Why not? 

And who is?

They aren't. I really like them, in fact I love Buddy Holly, but they aren't rockabilly. Asking me to explain it is like trying to explain why Jethro Tull isn't heavy metal.

Who is? Carl Perkins, Charlie Feathers, early Conway Twitty, Stray Cats, Eddie Cochrane, Ronnie Hawkins (BEST EVER!), Gene Vincent, Billy Riley, Johnny Burnette, Wanda Jackson, and so on. Many modern artists and many classic artists have dabbled in rockabilly. Heck, so did my number one all time favorite group. the Beatles. But that doesn't make them a rockabilly band.

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I do enjoy rockabilly. Having only recently discovered it within the past couple years, I thoroughly enjoy it more than rock and metal that I normally like. I'm taking notes on the artists you all have listed so I can look them up because I seem to just hover around one or two artists until I burn myself out on them. 

I've been told I have a pretty good rockabilly singing voice by a couple people too. I just have trouble remembering lyrics and getting my timing down (which I'm sure comes better with practice), and a constant nagging sinus issue that makes me have more bad days than good... but when it's good, I enjoy singing along to sings while driving. I also got a standup bass to play round with too... so its slowly consuming me hahaha!! I'd like to eventually maybe record some covers of some classic songs... if I can just get my friend to want to play anything but heavy metal. LOL

oh, and yes, girls who have the look I think are beautiful... imitating a time when people cared what they looked like. And yes, I agree as well... tattoos don't do anything for me. a couple is ok but covered... no thanks.

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See, this is what passed for Rockabilly over here. It was big for some reason in the early 80s...

...don't ask me why these guys suddenly appeared in the charts and we had Stray Cat Strut as No.1 for a few weeks!



The Stray Cats definitely fit the genre. Among the best.

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I like all music as long it does not include rap or hip hop.  My favorite entertainers are Bare Naked Ladies, Lady Antebellum and Roy Orbison.

I would recommend the combo DVD/CD set of "Black and White Night," a Roy Orbison club concert of his greatest hits, with backup by Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, JD Souther, kd lang, Jennifer Warnes and Bonnie Raitt, among others, who don't try to upstage him. Beautifully engineered and shot in black and white.

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