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peterbilt 351

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jim , the blue and white from the brochure ? i already think of that color [ heavensbabyblue ] i called that

and yes , i have already put the 5 hole wheels from the resinstockboxdepot from the wheelsdepartment, thats one for scrabble

and mayby a cab guard


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blow away the dust on this old girl

only have make the 2 seats

with a candywrap i try to make the old leatherlook [ take some time ]

but looks good for a old truck



and a look in the interior with a dry-fit



i dont no if i keep this for the 351 [ the seats yes but the housing...


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The aitm 351 conversion is a great choice, very happy with mine, its a shame AMT didn't offer it as a optional front end back in the day. A top view of the classic square door Pete cab shows it's triangular, the narrow nose 351 hood follows the triangular pattern.

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after a long time i have found a color i was lookin for

i called for my self HEAVENSBABYBLUE , i like this color for this peterbild with a little creme-beige , picture after the paintjob





i let it dry for a couple of day,s

and than go on with this icoon of yesterday

i have read something about red mudflaps in that time era , is that correct ore just black ore white mudflaps

i look it up before i put them on


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this is how he is now

fueltank,s on location , batterybox , interior and glass installed

picture how its look








now put cab and hood in good position and airinlet hose installed

and all the other thing,s


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have some make small progress with this one

headlight,s , turnsignal,s , doorhandel,s



and the exhaust pipes waitin to paint - primer etc fore chroompaint


you see to much dammage on the crome when you take it out of the sprues , so thats why i paint them by my self with crome

than you see not the little spots , etc on it








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