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62 Impala Sleeper


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My entry into the CannonBall Run 2015

Ok ..here we go...

'62 chev Impala, with a corvette engine,.... sounds simple enough,...



Stretched the corvette chassis, a scale 12" and the drive shaft, with 1/4" alum. tube,...


Twin turbo setup,... (don't look too close)


Wheels are reverse chromes from the 49 merc kit, cut the trunk open to install a nascar gas tank , and easy fill,...



Pretty much gutted the interior and installed laptop and GPS,...



And that puts an end to a year long project,..

LETS RACE!!IMG_4917%20600x450_zpsywpvwzoe.jpg



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Thanks for looking in everyone, this was fun!

Hey Tony, the steering wheel was the last thing to go in, so your right, I didn't get a pic of it,....


There we go,...

it was a removable wheel and one of the pranksters in his group hid it on the driver, Dale Earnhardt Sr. did that to Rusty Wallace once right before a race, but that's OK, the next week Rusty got even, he put a can of tuna fish in oil under the seat on Earnhardt's car, did Dale ever start complaining once the race started and that can of tuna started getting hot.

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