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image.thumb.jpg.9bd86dd63609914f5b289177image.thumb.jpg.facdd4cfc38194ba057e8703This is my build for the cannonball run this year the theme was sleepers. I used a a Ferrari 599 gto from revell for the underneath including the engine, transmission, exhaust, brakes and tires. The white walls were used to fill the gap between the stock caps and Ferrari tires. The wooden bed was made to hide the trans and exhaust. Other than the rear wheel wells the interior is stock with the exception of the steering wheel it's from 69 Camaro and the paddle shifters from the Ferrari.image.thumb.jpg.6e23e9a55f483a7be026714eimage.thumb.jpg.6e23e9a55f483a7be026714eimage.thumb.jpg.c6318f29ce7c881ab08a1d68image.thumb.jpg.6e23e9a55f483a7be026714eimage.thumb.jpg.c6318f29ce7c881ab08a1d68image.thumb.jpg.b01f923214c2cc15d05ab740

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Thanks for the comments, everyone! 

A very cool sleeper. Thanks much for participating in the CBP this year.

It was my pleasure to take part, I'll be back for the next one.

LOved this one....Well done, Sir Bill

Gonna jack it and enter next years,....now?:P



funny thing, I thought about it, but I really want to  try some sort of rally car kitbash.

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