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thames van rebuild update 12/20


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Hi this was an old build that I  started about 20 or so years ago that I was never really happy with. Originally built with a cross rammed 440 and solid mounted rear end, glued up rear doors and ill fitting front clip with decals all over it, it finally got the better of me and decided to strip it down. Was able to get the rear doors apart although it removed some of the rear panel with it so I had to clean it up with styrene which now makes the rear body a lot more solid. Had to repair the rear doors where I had holes for the parachute bracket and the rear light with styrene and super glue which I use a lot now instead of body filler, find it doesnt shrink bit more work sanding down but end result is better. Was originally painted with duplicolor rattle can and suprisingly came off nicely with oven cleaner. Noticed the belt line trim was thicker in some places than others so decided to sand it down and make a new one up with half round styrene so it will look a lot better when I bmf. Had to do a lot of sanding and scraping on the front clip and where it meets the body but now sits straight and even. Now using an injected and tunnel rammed 340 small block that Im currently working on at the moment for a more modern streetable effect with scratch built injection and rocker covers. Cheers and thanks for looking, any comments welcome









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Hi thanks for your comments. Have been working on making the bosses for the tunnel ram to accept the fuel rails and have made the throttle body more of an oval shape. Next will be trying to find or make up an air filter and hope to have some pics up soon. Cheers and thanks for looking

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Hi finished off the belt line and now have evened up the panel gaps and got it in primer. Found the paint im going to use and couldnt help myself to get a bit of colour on it so gave it a quick coat on the bonnet. The colour is duplicolor bright sapphire pearl rattle can. Cheers and thanks for looking.







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