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Has anyone used Aoshima or Fujimi 1/32 rims/tires on a 1/25 truck? The 22.5 would scale close enough to 19.5 to be convincing as a light truck or lowbed wheel and tire combo. I have seen then on eBay. I have both brands wheel and tires for cars, looking for options for trucks, which is better etc.

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      I have not used either of those. I know of somepeople that use the wheels and tires off the 1/32nd diecast trucks. Not sure about how accurate they are .But they do look good.

 I have a diecast KW w/logging trailer that I plan to strip for parts. The duals will go on trailers.Surely there will be someone here that can give you more info.


     Be Well





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I've seen those offerings on line, as well....I can't say much for those.....I'd imagine they'd be great for a step deck trailer or moving van.....However, I've had great luck with the 1/32 wheels and tires from Jada Toys.....Here they are on this trailer....


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