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Revell Orange Crate 32 Sedan

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it heats the metal and hardens it. straighten a paperclip, wrap it around a rod to form a coil spring, then heat it the same way and it will become a real spring capable of holding it's shape. if left untreated, it will not hold it's shape and will collapse under the weight of a model. be very careful as even 9v will render the item capable of burning skin, plastic and paper.

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Great tip!  Thanks Curt!

In the meantime, I've been busy painting and Alclading in various different hues of metal - I still have a little work to do on the blower assembly before it's done but we're getting somewhere anyway...

I wish I could find something as good as Alclad that will stand up to a little handling - this seems very fragile and easily ruined but I'll maybe do a search of the forum and see what I can find!



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Just done the wiring - some of it anyway - I made the magneto to better match the one in the reference pics I found (although this car ran a few different ones appartently) - pretty pleased with how it came out so far!

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I got so frustrated trying to build this kit that I actually. twisted the chassis in half and thru it in the box.......after the little 9 year oldish hissy fit.....I went to the trash can and retrieved it. repaired the broken parts. and finished it up The rear end is real fidley. But I think you got this one handled. I painted teh frame black

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