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LazerBondUSA glue?

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I've seen TV spots for this glue, which says it can adhere anything, is sandable and paintable, and uses a UV stylus to set it. ($19.99 but no Ginsu knives). Has anyone tried it?

This stuff has been around for years. It was developed for dental use. If youve ever had a cap glued onto a tooth then you've likely seen your dentist use it. The true dental brand that can be bought through dental wholesalers is strong stuff.

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I've used Bondic in several uses. Drilling a hole in the wrong place. Fill the hole with Bondic and redrill the hole, works great! Even fixed the microwave oven. Filled in sink holes in plastic,Fixed a plastic handled spoon, have ran it through the dish washer several times and it's still tight. It's just not for models anymore !


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