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1964 Ford Taunus 17M P3. Air Trax/Tamiya/scratch.

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Hello there.

This is my latest model. It's a Ford Taunus P3 from 1964. The kit is from Finnland, Juha Airios company Air Trax produces(d) these in resin as a transkit for Tamiya Lotus 7. But it's a strange kit as it requires just a few parts form the Lotus and a fair bit of scratchbuilding.

The quality of the cast is over the top, the detal is crisp and there is alot of stuff going on, but the model tself is rather poorly executed. I suspect that Juha might have mixed up the latter model, the P5 Taunus into this kit. I changed what i could, redone a bunch of small things like the top line of the fenders, lamps, the wheelarches and so on, but the biggest mistake of the model is the roof, which is too flat, and he whle section is too far in the middle, which causes the trunk area look too long,the hood too short, position of the wheels seems wrong and so on.

For a while I thought it was the lack of the front window that caused it to look "off", but as I progressed and actually glued in the windshield, I noticed where the kit is wrong. I was ready to give up, but found pics of an abandoned Ford Escort with all kinds of Junk on top, ad opted for "hiding" the areas that were not correct.

This is what i ended up with.


Have fun, thanks for looking.





















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You'd never guess it wasn't the real thing!

You should have posted it first in the "Real or Model" section.

No one would have ever guessed it wasn't real!

I'm still not sure I believe it!

If it wasn't for the giant finger in the 8th shot you'd have a hard time convincing me.

Fantastic work Adam!!



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Stellar. Fantastic. Best weathering ever in the history of the universe...man, that's beautiful work, and you really have the eye of an artist. Your textures and colors are absolutely perfect. The mossy-green under the water-filled headlamp (and elsewhere on the model)...well, I've seen that more than a few times in reality. Even the texture of the plastic tarp over the window looks scale-perfect. And your heavy, perforated rust is coming from the BACK side, just exactly the way it happens.

Seriously, I read your intro before I looked at any of the photos and didn't expect what I saw. Then I thought if they had been taken outside in natural light, the model would be indistinguishable from a real car. Scrolled down a little farther and there it was.

Incredible. One of the very few models that deserves to be described with the "awe" word.:D


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Incredible weathering,  I genuinely thought I was looking at a real car left out in the elements. The faded paint and rust look so realistic.  You should fade the registration plate on the back, looks too new.

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