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I have been working on-and-off since August on this project. The chassis main section is made from 1/8" square tube. The box 4-link rear is 3/16x 3/32 rectangular tubing. I started the roll bar using 1/16" brass rod. I tried to use some of the the online sources from Tim McAmis and others. Here are some images. Thanks for viewing.


2-22-2016 003.JPG

41 Willys 003.JPG

41 Willys 012.JPG

41 Willys 019.JPG

41 Willys 020.JPG

41 Willys 021.JPG

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Thanks for the interest in my 41 Willys,and the comments by Tony, Dave, Scott, Ray, Michael, Stephen and Gene. Thanks for following up on my build Randy I still watch with astonishment the great work you do. Tim thanks for sharing your enormous workmanship and machining skills.  Stephen I did make the jig. I also use Ceramic Honeycomb Perforated Board.


Here are some new images of my latest work. I don't like the seat frame so I am re-doing it. The doors, I made so they lock. I changed the door and hood hinges. The frame fits so it can be removed.

2-23-2016 001.JPG

2-23-2016 002.JPG

2-23-2016 006.JPG

2-23-2016 007.JPG

2-23-2016 010.JPG

2-23-2016 014.JPG

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I appreciate everyone's interest in my work including Michael, Gergo K, Dave, Le Roy, Bob, Bruce and Rob.

Michael, the locking door idea came from a builder that was building a 1/16 model. It was a struggle in 1/25 scale.

Here are some picks of my latest work. I re-did the seat frame. The other version just would not work out. Thanks for your interest.


41 Willys 002.JPG

41 Willys 004.JPG

41 Willys 007.JPG

41 Willys 008.JPG


41 Willys 002.JPG

41 Willys 006.JPG

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That is some seriously awesome metalwork!!! This build is very intriguing and I will follow along. Definitely going to be a killer model!!!????????

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