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OK, I'll throw in mine...but I doubt that most of you on this forum have ever heard of him. His name is Alan Monthei. The reason most of you have not, and probably will never hear of him, is because he was never and still isn't into the model contest or show scene or computers.

He loves sharing his skills and his collection with his close friends and meeting new people that are just getting into the hobby. I would have to rate his model building skills up there with people like Bill Geary. Al would always do a lot of research and get good photo references before he'd start a build. His builds are nearly exact miniature duplications of the 1:1 item he decides to build, often with multiples of working features.

Recently he showed Jerry Cardinal and I set of working door latches that he designed and installed in a 1/16th scale Caddy that he was working on. Jerry was so inspired that he went home and made working door latches for the 1/25th scale Willys that he was building.

So, here's to you Al!

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2 off the top of my head, that really got me back into the hobby, both with their amazing builds and ability to willingly share helpfull tips, advice, etc.

-Anthony Rios ^2 posts up (mr biggs)-David Irwin (Minidreams, a.k.a David@minidreams)

Thanks bro that means alot to me... ;)

I am just glad that I am in this position to help out, and will do when ever I got the chance too.

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this is kinda neat to see other peoples inspirations and who they look up to or learned from it seams that maybe alot of us have learned from alot of the same people via the magazines that cover our hobby.I didn't join a club until 3 years ago so naturally the mags are where you learn from and all in all I think maybe I need to include them as my heros as well.

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That's even tougher to answer than the "what's your favorite car of all time?" question.

There are so many I fear I may leave many important names out but let's see: Narrowing down to only 4 would not be fair, so I will take the liberty of mentioning more than 4. Actually, even separating them in categories.

Art Anderson, Felice Ferriello, Dean Milano, Brian Fishburn, Ken Krawiec, Bob Downie: Great builders, great company and always welcome me and make me feel at home whenever we meet.


Hey, I actually got mentioned over here. Pretty cool!

So what am I doing hanging out over at Spotlight Hobbies for?

BTW, my earliest model car hero was a fellow named Olaf Wahl. There have been many more since then.

Dean Milano

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