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Don't think I've posted this one before. If I have, I apologize. But maybe some of you will be seeing it for the first time.

It's a 1/24 scale London double-decker tram. The kit is by Occre, a Spanish company, and is multi-media... laser-cut wooden pieces, cast white metal, brass rod you have to bend to shape for the handrails on the stairs and the guardrails on the upper level, aluminum sheet you have to form for the walls on the stairs, clear acetate for the "glass," etc. A little of everything. The "decals" are actually just printed on plain paper... you have to figure out a way to attach them! I used Future as the "glue," painted it on the surface and then embedded the paper graphics in it.






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Superb work, as usual Harry, I've seen these kits listed a few times, but never seen one built up, could be an interesting project, I always like to build something a little different ...

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That looks fantastic, Harry!

And what a coincidence -- that route ran right past the house I used to live in in South London in the late 80s (not that the trams, or even lines were still there, mind -- it wasn't the 1910s!). The depot that they started from was down in central Woolwich, and the power station that drove them was in this building:


which, by the time I lived there, had become one of London's first comedy clubs and a popular music venue:


I saw Billy Bragg there, and Wilko Johnson's band played a storming evening...

Anyway, enough of my nostalgia. Fabulous model, and probably rather large. Have you ever posted a picture of your "big Boyz" display area?



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No tracks.

Harry, if you are interested in tracks, scenery, etc. for your trams or other railroad related subjects "G" scale electric train stuff measures out to 1/24, and is made by several manufacturers.

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