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MPC 1968 Camaro SS396 Rally Sport

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So you going to restore it;)?

As the other guys said, green was considered bad luck because the car would be attracted to the trees and subsequently veer off the track and head for the green vegetation :blink::lol:..........so I've heard

ps: Green is my favourite colour!

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""Sure wouldn't mind having a set of those stacks for a Project I've got!" - Same induction setup can be found in the 1968-'74 or so MPC Corvette Annuals. Lots still floating around

   I don't have any of those here either. No problem, I'll get it sorted out one way or another.

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 came to me this way 7 or 8 years ago. Luckily, a lot of the resto parts are in the ex-MPC 1969 Camaro reissues.


You can use the chassis, engine, wheels/tires, glass, and hood. Rest of the body and all associated parts would be unique to '68. Not sure about the interior but I believe it's more '69-ish (assuming you get an issue that doesn't have the Firebird interior). B)

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There's one thing harder than finding MPC 1968 Camaro stock bucket seats, and that's finding MPC 1968 Firebird stock bucket seats.



The '68 Camaro seats are available in resin, or at least were not that long ago. Caster's name is Shawn Carpenter. Dunno if he's still in bidness or not:


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