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Amazing model car collection

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On CBS news this morning: A Minnesota collector left his model cars to his church -- over 32,000 diecasts, kits, pedal cars, etc. His display cases and loose cars covered every wall and horizontal surface in every room of his house, with overflow under the beds, in the attic and garage, and even laid out on top of beds. In the garage, he had a real Model A and Edsel station wagon. As they were recording the story, they said that more models were still being delivered after his death.

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Never married, no kids.  I don't think they said what he did for a living but apparently every extra dime he had went to cars :(

They mentioned engineer. Many engineering jobs pay exceptionally well, and even if they're just "okay," many places have low enough living costs that such a collection is possible.

My parents would swear I was working on it in all aspects.

Charlie Larkin

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He committed to his passion and now it is going to help a lot of other people. Once they figure out how to sell it. After the cars (toys and real) are gone, the church has the house that they could possibly setup as a shelter.

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