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need some help

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Whoever told you that is a freakin' moron, and doesn't understand materials AT ALL

It is an ADHESIVE or a LAMINATING RESIN for composite material work.

You could use it as a finish clear with REAL CARBON FIBER, REAL WOOD, REAL FIBERGLASS or other composite materials on REAL CARS, REAL AIRCRAFT AND BOATS or VERY LARGE SCALE models. But the way you'd use it for those has nothing in common with smaller-scale plastic model work.

It can be sprayed with the same kind of equipment we use to spray materials in the composites industry, which NO modelers have, which require REAL compressors, and you just don't want to go there.

You COULD possibly brush it for use it over wooden model parts....like if you built a custom woody body or a scale surfboard or sailboat....but it's thick, it's not designed to flow out and gloss, it would fill details and obliterate them...so why try?

BUT...you don't want to even THINK about using it as a clear over paint or anything else on a plastic model car, especially a 1/25 -1/24 scale model car.



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Maybe they referred to https://www.eti-usa.com/envirotex-lite/ as that is a 2-part epoxy compound used to encapsulate items, and it has a high-golss finish.  But not only the coat of that stuff is so thick that it would make your model look like it was coveredy by ice, it also takes 12 hours to set (so it wold simply just flow off your model before it set.

There are also epoxy-based paints (which could be used on a model), but I never seen an epoxy-based clear paint.

I would also discourage anybody from using epoxy as lenses for model car gauges.  Some of the stuff (like the one shown in the initial post) has amber tint to it, and in my experience epoxy adhesives will yellow (or even turn brown) after few years.

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