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heyyy you guuuyyyyyyssss

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I've never heard of such a thing and I strongly advise against it! :o

If you mean a clear coat as far as over a paint job.............absolutely not! Those are for gluing, not getting a nice shiny paint job! ;)

Of course I don't know everything, so maybe this is something way out there totally new. Just the same, I wouldn't try it.

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 Epoxy is a glue, it is not to be used as "clear coat" for a painted model... BUT it can be used as a "clear coat" for laminated carbon fiber or kevlar layups. This is what you may have been told... Please verify your info as to the use of the product.


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I say let him try it. He might come up with a great new idea. OR he might get so discouraged he never again posts here a thread with a title like "heyyy you guuuyyyyyysss" [sic].:rolleyes: So it's win-win.B)              

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I've used WEST System epoxy as a clear coat, though not on a model car. I think you'll find the results disappointing. It is incredibly durable, but it isn't as shiny as we like to see, and it goes on fairly thick. If you still want to try it, paint a plastic spoon and try the clear epoxy on that. It needs to be very thin, and typical laminating resins have some body (viscosity) to them. You might be able to thin it with Xylene.

Personally, I'd recommend something like Testor's Wet Look clear. It sprays well, levels nicely, and is truly shiny.

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Looks like Todd made a duplicate post (using very vague subject line in both threads). I posted my opinion in his other post on the subject.

Using a  subject line like "Using epoxy as a clear coat" would have made things much clearer.

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