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1960 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

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Thats gorgeous, especially in black :) 

I love the 60 Cadillac, probably because I owned one(see my avatar :)) and more so that the much  more popular 1959.   

This looks really great, is it a Modelhaus body kit with their front and rear ends? Just looking though, the side trim looks a little more 59ish than the 60 as 1960s Eldorado had two smaller bands of chrome trim following a similar line to the 59 with paint separation in between. 

Cheers for doing a 1960s, John.

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Hi, thanks for your feedback
Some respond to questions:

the Body I 2012 in ebay bought, no idea who the manufacturer is

the fine lines of the 1960 Year of construction I never have dared do

60s Cadillac on the last images is so narrow because left a 1:24 Cadillac Franklin Mint is a right and 4 door Promo





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In that photo of all three cars, the '60 looks awfully small.

You're right Harry.

Now that I look at it, it looks a little narrow.

Even though the Franklin Mint car is 1/24th, the Johan '61 is 1/25th scale.

Looks narrow compared to that as well.

Still looks awfully nice though! :)



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I like the triple black car. Several years ago, I did a resin '60 Eldorado. I do not want to hijack your thread, but if you want me to show it to you, I will be happy to. I shaved the emblems from mine, and I created a '60 interior from the photos I saw in the Cadillac brochure, as my trans kit looked a lot like yours. I am going to do one of my '61 Fleetwoods before the end of the year, as I have the paint to do it in.

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