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It may be a simplified kit, but a little bit of work yields a nice result...










A grand total of five parts in that interior!


Colour is Zero Paints. I started out with "Protonic Blue", (a BMW i8 colour), but decided it was too pale, so I overcoated it lightly with Blu Dino. It looks nicely zingy to me now.


There's a reasonable amount of detail to paint, even through construction is very simplified. I put carved a centreline channel in the engine covers, and striped the chrome from the headlights before repainting with the complexity of the real thing. And I had to add a bottom to the steering wheel -- I don't know where mine went, short shot, broken or just not there...?


The 2005 GT (actually a 720 Mirage...) is a Polar Lights snap kit, titivated, and the 'vette is the recent Revell Germany release of another snap kit. Just goes to show that there's nothing inherently wrong with them, and that a bit of detailing work with pain can really lift them.




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Excellent! The color is perfect and the red interior detail looks great. 

Well done build and I noticed your extra attention to details. You also seperated the headlamp glass and set it from topside. Appears you also filled in the body seam of the door edge, since this is a two piece body that was glued together at Revell. This is a well detailed and complicated molding, especially from Revell for a Snaptite.

I too built this kit and agree with some extra effort to detail these Snaptite kits can look spectacular.


(Matt, I will remove my picture if you wish not to have it part of your post)

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Please don't Jim... the more the merrier! I like your retro wheels, and Gulf colours are always welcome (I've got a Porsche 918 headed in that direction...) I havered over how to do the carbon bits, but in the end just went for the graphite grey -- I couldn't see any weave in photos until you got REALLY close-up. Did you find the mirrors a bit of a trial? It took me a couple of tries to get a basecoat that would stick reliably to the softer plastic. I did fill the door seam and the one where the top of the rear deck meets the outer sides of the "channels". I could have done it better, and would recommend taking a bit of time over it to anyone else building one of these. This was a weekend build to keep my modelling mojo ticking over, because I'm working away most of the week at present and modelling opportunities are pretty scarce!



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Matt, thank you sir...

yes, I too did this one in a few days to keep my motivation for the bigger builds. I missed the body seam fills after I build this one. I too did the graphite gray paint for the CF bits. Yes, the mirrors were a pain and lot's of patients to get correct.

I did drill out all the grills areas and replaced with photo etched screen. 






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I'm seriously looking forward to what these babies will do at Le Mans this year (and if I'm really lucky, I might be there to see them do it...). The Martini is super cool, as always.

(...though the nit picker in me wants to say that it's a DIFFuser, as in something that spreads out the air coming from underneath, not a DEfuser, as in something that stops the air making a big bang, or stops it having an impact/effect)



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