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49 Merc Woody Stock version

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Hi guys,

Back with a new built. This time the Revell 49 Mercury Woody wagon. Mostly box stock except I've replace the Cadillac V8 by a flathead coming from the 53 Ford combining some element of AMT 49 Merc ( like manual trans and air filter ). I've done some real wood for the interior panel as the one from the kit were too "flat" and no decals for them. So I've took some cigar box wood which is quite thin and put some wood coat on it. 

It's my first woody and was quite a challenge concerning the wood part. It's been painted fisrt with Tamiya TS46 "light sand", then the kit decals which were very good and to finish some coat of varnish  wood. I'm quite happy of the result but I let you judge !!! ;)

Paint is a light grey, polished for a shiny effect. I was inspired by a 1/1 model I've found on internet, which was without WW tires so that's why I've choose to do so. I've made one mistake if wanted to be 100% stock, I let you see which one....

Hope you will like it !! ;)

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