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Silly Putty - Not just for masking anymore!!

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So here I am trying to BMF my Johan Hearse, and the rear door I had already installed keeps popping open, slowing down my progress. I start to get frustrated and reach for my masking tape, but then get a little leary as I don't want any glue tape to mar my nice finish. I sit at the desk, mulling things over, when I remembered I've used silly putty before to keep things like removable truck bed covers from falling off my models. I take a small amount, less than a pinch, and tuck it against the inside sill of the door frame and it does the trick, making the door close snugly.

Now, if only silly putty came in colors?

YES, it does!

It may not match your model colors EXACTLY, but at least it won't look like Pepto Bismal pink is trying to ooze out of the car. AND, it comes in BLACK (even with magnetic properties!!)




(P.S. - everyone else may already have known this trick, but sometimes it's the thrill of discovery that makes this hobby so much fun!!!)

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 I heard some guys use silly putty as a mask to protect a paint floor pan and spray paint the molded in frame a different color.

so I bought some and will try it on one of my next projects.

Thanks for the tip on the use of holding sometime close


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JB Weld is a two part epoxy used for various automotive tasks but can also be used for home casting small parts.

I checked the JB Weld site and they offer various versions. Is there a particular one that you would recommend for casting parts?

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