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Torino - Updated RestoMod Starsky Hutch new ride


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My idea of what a new Striped Tomato might look like if the Starsky and Hutch cop TV show was to come back today.

Of course started with the Revell kit, which I will say is an excellent kit, very detailed, little flash, really none, and fitment was excellent throughout the build. 

I of course made several mods to this build, first was tucking and narrowing the huge front and rear stock bumpers. Added a air-dam effect to the front with plastic and putty.

added the Eliminator hood scoop to keep Starsky from sliding across the hood, which of course drove Hutch crazy, you're welcome Hutch... 

Gave the boys new RECARO seats instead of the cozy bench seat, again you're both welcome... I think... Ha...

Did minor engine detail, wires and hoses and basic chassis. Added some different exhaust tips to exit the corners.

Stayed with the overall theme but I honestly never liked the look of the huge stripe, it never seemed to fit the lines of the car to me, so redesigned and painted my own. Decided to keep the chrome look, but shaved door handles.

Paint is Duplicolor Electric Current Metallic Pearl Red with Tamiya Pearl White for the stripe and lot's of Testors Wet Look Clear cut and polished several times.

Updated the wheels to a newer version "5-slot" style, and custom deep-dished the rears for a staggered resto-mod look, and gave them huge disc brakes.

Had a lot of fun building this one, thanks for looking












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Heater hoses are a little big. But, beyond that it looks great. Better than the car they drove in the show.

Yes, those larger hoses are a resto-mod upgrade! Better heat flow to the vents... ha!!! 

I just knew someone would note that, yes, I'm aware, I ran out of what I use for 1/25 hose and used my only option to finish this build. I will be replacing when I get the correct gauge hose 

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