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What happened to all the cool Hot Wheels drag cars ?

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As new generations come of age, things change. We're just getting old. :(

I remember saying to myself that the battle was lost when in the '90s  I started seeing pedestrian 4-door Japanese or German sedans souped-up to look and sound like race cars!  Lowered suspension, beer-can exhaust, etc.  High-performance 4-door sedan? Gimme a break!  :wacko:  At least some car companies recently brought back some real muscle cars and made them look like the real muscle cars from the '60s. But they probably doing it just to cater to the older generation (with money).

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A guy (26 years old) I know, who operates a tobacco shop here, had a souped up rice burner with all of the goofy looking accoutrements.. He recently sold it because he bought a 1970 Dodge Charger I showed him online. He has seen the light. Alleluiah! 

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Quite honestly, I think most of them look really goofy. I have been buying the more normal, real car, type stuff, especially the specialty stuff like this 



Contrary to the thread about posting pictures and the whole text in the quote section, I think these are great and are worth seeing twice. :D

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