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ferrari 250 california

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Modified italeri kit to match former James Coburn 1961 Ferrari 250 gt spider california

Replicas and miniatures of Maryland engine, interior kit and wood steering wheel, fenders recontoured, exhaust modified from italeri Daytona kit, headlight covers from heated and molded clear plastic over polymer clay molds, headlight surrounds from hobby design HD02-0015 250gto detail kit,  KA wire wheels, door handles from Gunze Sangyo Ferrari 250gt sub kit, wipers from Tamika jaguar mkII kit, trunk lit molded from renaissance kit, rear marker lights from italeri Porsche 993 kit.  and some other parts taken from here and there, some made....

Paint: Tamiya black, spas six chrome

Pictures taken w/ surface tablet

My first post...  building models as a hobby for 30yrs









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Totally Gorgeous!! :wub: :wub:

Any vintage Ferrari that uses Norm's engines, always makes the grade for me! His V-12's for that kit (and others) are top notch as I've used them in the past and have been very happy with 'em. They're not for beginners by any means-------the engine itself is literally a whole kit in itself.

Absolutely beautiful car, and welcome to the forum! ;)


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   Great Photos, Great Detailing and one heck of a Good Looking Prancing Pony. Thomas you do have a way with Introductions! Thank You for Sharing And a Very Hearty, Welcome to the Forum.

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thank you all for the kind feedback. 

In terms of contouring the fenders I never liked the curve up over the wheels.  The actual car tends to be flatter.  Using blue painters tape I marked out what I thought was a better shape.  then used a Drexel tool with a sanding barrel attached affixed to a drill press to serve as a belt sander.  with the tool running I brought the model up to it and slowly sanded each fender down to the tape line.  then fixed the curvature over the sides by hand with files and sand paper.  modified the back as well. 


The interior kits are no longer available but if you contact R and M of Maryland he may make you a set.  that is what I did in the past....


Sorry for typo's.

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