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A reasonably SERIOUS new-tool '70 Charger Revell is hiding in plain sight...

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Sorry, Alan, guess it's all a little arcane, innit?

It's about recalling and settling an old debt.

"People obviously can't build a model, so they complain about them online instead."  It's about that particular notion.  

It's about how STUPID phrases like "go build something" are.

O b v I o u s l y, you BUILD a kit on your bench, as I did with these Chargers.

You get on an online forum to TALK about kits.

And anyone who can't let a peaceful and friendly discussion thread go without suggesting there's too much talking and not enough building should watch for falling pianos.  It may take a while, but if you stick to this whole notion that people point out problems in a kit only because they have no building skills, somebody's eventually gonna make you look pretty dumb.

And people are sticking to these little notions. Despite ALL REALITY to the contrary, they cling to these justifications they've made up out of thin air for personal attacks.  And there was a thinly veiled one I never fully addressed in my other thread that this one had a nice little answer for. 

But the good news is, I've gotten tired of harping on all that. It's like religion or politics, NO higher brain functions, just straight-from-the-amygdala fight or flight any time anyone has the nerve to delve into a plastic model kit in a forum about plastic model kits. There's just no point. I've addressed it less and less over the years, and this was my last loose end.  I've made a pretty final statement on the whole thing that follows me around from post to post

No guarantees I might not yet serve up what somebody's asking for, occasionally, but by and large, any attempt to reason with these folks has become Einstein's definition of insanity.

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Chuck is tired of the typical thread bs about new kits. Some people, one in particular, ticked chuck off. So he finished both the Faster and Furiouster Charger and the regular 70. 
Never posted until now. Long story. Looking at builds best part. 
My friend is more obtuse than I am at times. But a great builder and critic. Not just a critic. 
Hope this TL:DR translation was ok. 

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i have never built a car black because they always feel very "plasticy" or "toy like"

this black  charger though is amazing. the paint looks realistic and amazing. nice work. 

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Thank you gentlemen, very much. Both are polished Mr Color 46 clear over Model Master auto lacquers.  The MM was decanted into jars and everything was cut with Mr Color retarding thinner and shot thru a gravity-fed pistol-grip Grex with a fan tip.

All of it over block-sanded Tamiya fine primer, white with grey guide coats.

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Thank you, Tim! I'm especially pleased that one caught your eye.

I envisioned it right from the release of the Toretto car, was a little miffed when Revell also went with it - they made it up to me with the "HEMI" billboards, though. 🙂

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